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VOLUME 48 (1988) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Grigor'ev E. P., Possible observation of an MO transition 191  (177)
Askar'yan G. A., Bursts of photonuclear reactions in the application of intense ultrashort light pulses to matter 193  (179)
Beterov I. M. , Ryabtsev I.I., Fateev N. V. , Observation of two-photon dynamic Stark effect in a three-level Rydberg Na atom 195  (181)
Andreeva T. L., Malyugin A. V., Universal relationship between Maxwell's constant and the fine structure in the spectrum of depolarized scattering of light in a dense gas 199  (184)
Zemskov K. I. , Kazaryan M. A., Lyuksyutov S. F., Odulov S. G., Orlova N. G., Petrash G. G., Soskin M. S., Holographic preamplifier for a quantum amplifier 202  (187)
Ivonin I. A., Tatarinova E. B. , Yan'kov V. V., Universal instability of two-dimensional vortices in a plasma 206  (190)
Kondakov S. F. , Podurets A. M. , Prokopenko V. M., Sidorov N. S., Trunin M. R., Trunin R. F., Structural transition of YBa2Cu3O6.9 due to a shock compression up to 270 kbar 208  (193)
Gurevich A. Vl., Mints R. G. , Anomalous properties of high-Tc superconductors with twins 213  (196)
Mamsurova L. G. , Pigal'skii K. S., Sakun V. P., Shcherbakova L. G., Graboi I. E., Kaul' A. R. , Thermal hysteresis of the elastic modulus and low-temperature local order-disorder phase transitions in YBa2Cu3Ox superconductors 217  (199)
Raikh M. E. , Efros Al. L., Bound state of an exciton at a slightly attracting defect in a semiconductor with a degenerate valence band 220  (202)
Cheishvili O. D. , Fluctuations of the diamagnetic susceptibility of disordered metals 225  (206)
Sugar A. A. , Bush A. A., Zaritskii I. M., Konchits A. A., Kashirina N. I., Kolesnik S. P., Macroscopic quantum microwave interference in single crystals of high-Tc superconductors 228  (209)
Smirnova S. G. , Demicheva O. V., Grigorov L. N., Anomalous ferromagnetism of oxidized polypropylene 231  (212)
Blokh M. D. , Leshko O. M., Sheregii E. M. , Cyclotron-(two-phonon) resonance involving acoustic phonons in n-InSb 235  (215)
Glazman L. I. , Lesovik G. B., Khmel'nitskii D. E., Shekhter R. I. , Reflectionless quantum transport and fundamental ballistic-resistance steps in microscopic constrictions 238  (218)
Zavaritskii N. V. , Samoilov A. V., Yurgens A. A., Kinetic properties of ceramic YBa2Cu3Ox at various oxygen concentrations (6 < x < 7) 242  (221)
Osipyan Yu. A., Zharikov O. V., Sidorov N. S., Kulakov V. I. , Mogilyanskii D. N., Nikolaev R. K., Shekhtman V. Sh., Volegova O. A., Romanenko I. M. , Observation of superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6CIx 246  (225)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.