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VOLUME 39 (1984) | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 311
Temperature dependence of Hall's coefficient at the cleavage surface of germanium in liquid helium
The temperature dependence of Hall's coefficient RH and of the electrical conductivity σΏ in the temperature interval 1.15<7,<4.2 К in a two-dimensional semimetallic system formed at the cleavage surface of germanium is studied. It is shown that the temperature corrections to Hall's coefficient ARH increase with decreasing Τ proportionally to \nT, just as Ασ in this region of T, and their ratio satisfies the condition (ARH/RH) — — α(Ασ/σ), where 1 <a<2. This situation indicates that the interelectronic interaction3 is the dominant contribution to the transport of holes at the cleavage surface of germanium.