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VOLUME 36 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Varentsov V. L. , Gorshkov V. G. , Ezhov V. F., Kozlov M. G. , Labzovskii L. N. , Fomichev V. N. , Possible P,T-odd effects in NMR spectroscopy of molecules 175  (141)
     Zel'dovich B. Ya., Tabiryan N. V., Orientational effect of a surface light wave on liquid crystals 179  (144)
     Zharinov A. V. , Sanochkin Yu. V. , Possible explanation of the mechanism of cathode spot motion 182  (147)
     Savchenko A. K. , Lutskii V. N. , Sergeev V. I. , Effects of weak electron localization in thin GaAs films 185  (150)
     Belousov M. V. , Pogarev D. E. , Experimental investigation of the density of states of a quasi-one-dimensional vibrational exciton is isotopically mixed KN03 crystals 189  (152)
     Karlik I. Ya. , Mirlin D. N. , Nikitin L. P. , Polyakov D. G. , Sapega V. F. , Magnetic-field-induced breakdown of correlation between spins and momenta of photoexcited electrons in GaAs crystals 192  (155)
     Al'tshuler B. L. , Aronov A. G. , Khmel'nitskii D. E. , Negative magnetoresistance in semiconductors in the hopping conduction region 195  (157)
     Ioffe B. L. , Exponential dependence of the cross sections for deep-inelastic reactions on the quark's transverse momentum 198  (160)
     Voloshin S. A. , Nikitin Yu. P. , Role of hard and soft quark-nucleon collisions in the A dependence of the production of high-pt hadrons in interactions with nuclei 201  (163)
     Levintov I.I. , Dynamic model of the real part of the scattering amplitude at zero angle 204  (165)
     Vesna V. A. , Kolomenskii E. A. , Lobashev V. M., Nazarenko V. A., Pirozhkov A. N. , Smotritskii L. M., Sobolev Yu. V., Titov N. A., Observation of parity nonconservation in the integrated γ spectrum from (n, γ) reactions in Cl, Br, Cd, Sn, and La nuclei 209  (169)
     Apenko S. M. , Kirzhnits D. A. , Lozovik Yu. E. , Dynamic chaos, Anderson localization, and confinement 213  (172)
     Bratashevskii A. S., Zybalov A. A., Karasev S. P., Konovalov O. G., Sorokin P. V., Storozhenko Yu.O., Tenishev A. E. , Proton polarization in the photodisintegration of the deuteron at γ energies in the range 700-1100 MeV 216  (174)
     Nikolaevskii E. S., Shur L. N. , Nonintegrability of the classical Yang-Mills fields 218  (176)
     Presnyakov L. P., Shevel'ko A. P. , Erratum: Intense x-ray emission in the interaction of a laser plasma with a solid surface [JETP Lett. 36, No. 2, 44-47 (20 July 1982)] 222  (179)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.