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VOLUME 31 (1980) | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 406
N- and S- shaped characteristics of the cluster superlattice of tellurium in type X zeolite
Into the cubic lattice of the cavities of type X zeolite used as the matrix, Те is introduced in the amounts of 16 and 23 atoms in each cavity. In the first case the crystal conductivity is σ~ 10 ~5 ohm _1 cm ~', and the I-Vcharacteristic has the form of a series of successive current surges as the field is increased. With 23 atoms per cavity, the contact between clusters is better, which gives σ~ 10 ~! ohm ~' cm 1, and the IV characteristic looks like a series of 5-shaped regions. It is assumed that in the first case a resonance tunneling occurs in the field between the levels of the clusters in neighboring cavities, and in the second case there is a breakdown between the minizones of tellurium, which are produced as a result of modulation by the zeolite matrix.