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VOLUME 25 (1977) | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 444
Coherent ellipsometry of Raman scattering of light
A new method of coherent four-photon spectroscopy is proposed and realized. It is based on registration of the dispersion of the parameters of the elliptic polarization of the anti-Stokes signal at the frequency ω0 = 2α>ι — ω2 as ω! —ω2 is scanned. The data obtained by this method on the dispersion χ(3)α112) have exceedingly high accuracy, due to the fact that the fluctuations of the registered quantities are not connected with fluctuations of the intensities of the pump waves coi and ω2, but are determined only by the lattice-polarization fluctuations, which are quite small. The fine structure of the inhomogeneously broadened Raman scattering line of HN03 is registered; a noticeable dispersion of the nonresonant component of χ(3) is observed in a number of liquids.