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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gaponov S. V., Genkin V. M., Salashchenko N. N., Fraerman A. A., Scattering of neutrons and x radiation in the range 10-300 Å by periodic structures with rough boundaries 63  (53)
Bogomol'nyi E. B., Distribution of energy levels of quantum systems 65  (55)
Bonch-Bruevich V. L., Stochastic self-excited oscillations in low-mobility semiconductors 69  (58)
Sheka V. I., Khazan L. S., Dependence of the intensity of electron spin resonance on the photon momentum 72  (61)
Barsov S. G., Getalov A. L., Grebinnik V. G., Gordeev V. A., Gurevich I. I., Zhukov V. A., Kirillov B. F., Klimov A. I., Kruglov S. P., Kuz'min L. A., Lazarev A. B., Mikirtych'yants S. M., Mikhailov B. P., Nikol'skii B. A., Pirogov A. V., Ponomarev A. N., Selivanov V. I., Suetin V. A., Khlopkin M. N., Shcherbakov G. V., Relaxation of the spin of a positive muon in superconducting Nb3Al 75  (63)
Vaichaitis V. I., Ignatavichyus M. V., Kudryashov V. A., Pimenov Yu. N., Ustinov N. D., Four-photon parametric luminescence during noncollinear two-frequency excitation 78  (66)
Laukhin V. N., Kostyuchenko E. E., Sushko Yu. V., Shchegolev I. F., Yagubskii E. B., Effect of pressure on the superconductivity of β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 81  (68)
Aronov A. G., Ioselevich A. S., Particle in a random potential: a new field-theory formulation 84  (71)
Dembovskii S. A., Chechetkina E. A., Kozyukhin S. A., Anomalous effect of weak magnetic fields on diamagnetic glassy semiconductors 88  (74)
Bukhvostov A. P., Kuraev E. A., Lipatov L. N., Frolov G. V., Supersymmetry and anomalous dimensionalities of quasiparton operators in quantum chromodynamics 92  (77)
Wiegmann P. B., Exact solution of the O(3) nonlinear two-dimensional σ-model 95  (79)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.