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VOLUME 29 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kazanskii S.A., Anisotropic spin-spin interaction of Dy3+ ion pairs associated with a color center in crystal CaF2 479  (525)
     Aliev S.A. , Borisenko A.G. , Kirichenko G.S., Collisionless relaxation of an ion beam in a plasma with a high-frequency electric field 482  (528)
     Zhizhin G.N., Moskaleva M.A. , Shomina E.V., Yakovlev V.A. , Edge effects due to propagation of surface IR electromagnetic waves along a metal surface 486  (533)
     Gabovich M.D., Dzhabbarov D.G., Naida A.P., Effect of decompensation of a dense beam of negative ions 489  (536)
     Nagaev E.L., Kovalenko A.A. , New type of magnetic phase transitions of the first kind 492  (540)
     Degtyarev L.M. , Solov'ev G.I. , Shapiro V.D., Shevchenko V.I. , Formation of fast-electron "tails" in a strong Langmuir turbulence 495  (543)
     Abramov V.A. , Gervids V.I. , Krupin V.A., Lisitsa V.S., Radiative losses due to impurities and the neτ parameter of a thermonuclear plasma with fast neutral particle injection 501  (550)
     Agan'yants A.O. , Vartanov Yu.A., Vartapetyan G.A. , Kumakhov M.A. , Trikalinos Kh., Yaralov V.Ya., Emission of channeled 4.7-GeV electrons in diamond 505  (554)
     Kumakhov M.A. , Possibility of focusing of charged particles in experiments with colliding beams 508  (557)
     Batyev E.G. , Properties of electron-impurity system in semiconductors with different types of troughs 510  (560)
     Gulyayev Yu.V. , Kurach T.N. , Plesskii V.P., Reciprocal conversion of shear body and surface acoustic waves on periodically perturbed solid state surface 513  (563)
     Divin Yu.Ya., Nad' F.Ya. , Dependence of the excess current in superconducting point contacts on temperature and voltage 516  (567)
     Bagaev S.N. , Dychkov A.S. , Chebotaev V.P. , Investigation of the shape of nonlinear resonances at low pressures 519  (570)
     Bazylev V.A., Zhevago N.K., Loss of electrons by a multicharged ion during channeling 523  (574)
     Bakai A.S. , Krivoruchko S.M. , Nekrashevich S.A., Experimental investigation of relaxation of a diffused electron beam in a plasma in the presence of coherent perturbation 526  (577)
     Goldovskii V.L. , Shimon L.L., Zapesochnyi I.P. , Solomon A.M., Identification of the two-electron one-photon transition in Eu III in electron-atom collisions 530  (582)
     Dabagyan A.A. , Movsesyan M.E. , Movsesyan R.E. , Time dependence of the magnetic moment induced in rubidium vapors by laser radiation 534  (586)
     Bobrovskii A.N. , Vedenov A.A. , Kozhevnikov A.V. , Sobolenko D.N., NH3 laser pumped by two CO2 lasers 536  (589)
     Dzyaloshinskii I.E., Ivanov B.A., Localized topological solitons in a ferromagnet 540  (592)
     Smorodinskii Ya. A. , A universal generating function for CGC's 543  (596)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.