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VOLUME 21 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Berestov A.T. , Gorodetskii E.E., Zaprudskii V.M., Nature of the singularity of the "diameter" of the coexistence curve near the critical point 26  (56)
     Aleksandrov K.S. , Aleksandrova I.P., Zaslavskii G.M., Sorokin A.V. , Shabanov V.F., Phase transition due to nonlinear resonance of lattice 27  (58)
     Gorokhov A.A., Dyatlov V.D., Ivanov V.B., Medvedev R.N., Starikov A.D., Certain singularities of the absorption of high-power laser radiation heating an LiD target 28  (62)
     Kalmykov N.N. , Prosin V.V. , Khristiansen G.B. , Grigor'ev V.M. , Pavlov V.N., Efimov N.N., Krasil'nikov D.D., Kuz'min A.I. , Investigation of the wave form of Cerenkov-radiation pulses from extensive air showers 30  (70)
     Basov N.G., Galochkin V.T. , Zavorotnyi S.I., Kosinov V.N., Ovchinnikov A.A., Oraevskii A.N. , Pankratov A.V., Skachkov A.N., Shmerling G.V., Threshold character of the visible fluorescence excited by IR laser radiation 32  (70)
     Albrecht H. , Bespalov V.A., Platonenko V.T. , Effect of deuterium on the operation of a CO2 TEA laser 34  (74)
     Kiyan T.S. , Gritsyna V.V., Logachev Yu.E., Fogel' Ya.M., Continuous spectra emitted by particles knocked out by an ion beam from the surface of a solid target 35  (77)
     Abramov A.V., Dolgoshein B.A., Kruglov A.A. , Rodionov B.U., Electrostatic emission of free electrons from solid xenon 37  (82)
     Kolybasov V.M. , Estimate of the absolute value of the cross section for inelastic double charge exchange on nuclei 39  (85)
     Kondratyuk L.A. , Kopeliovich V.B., Concerning one mechanism of "cumulative" meson production 40  (88)
     Tyupkin Yu.S. , Fateev V.A. , Shvarts A.S., Existence of heavy particles in gauge field theories 42  (91)
     Monastyrskii M.I. , Perelomov A.M. , Concerning the existence of monopoles in gauge field theories 43  (94)
     Troitskii M.A. , Sapershtein E.E., Markin O.A., Mishustin I.N., Effect of π condensate on the real part of the optical potential in a π-mesic atom 44  (96)
     Nepomnyashchii A.A., Nepomnyashchii Yu.A. , Contribution to the theory of the spectrum of a Bose system with condensate at small momenta 1  (3)
     Gladun A.D. , Malov A.D. , Ryzhii V.I., Photoelectric Hall effect in semiconductors for intraband light absorption 2  (7)
     Degtyarev L.M., Zakharov V.E. , Supersonic collapse of Langmuir waves 4  (9)
     Kats A.V., Kontorovich V.M. , Moiseev S.S., Novikov V.E. , Power-law solutions of the Boltzmann kinetic equation, describing the spectral distribution of particles with fluxes 5  (13)
     Gurevich I.I. , Klimov A.I. , Maiorov V.N., Meleshko E.A., Nikol'skil B.A. , Pirogov A.V., Roganov V.S. , Selivanov V.I. , Suetin V.A., Temperature dependence of positive-muon precession frequency in gadolinium 7  (16)
     Gorshkov V.G., Labzovskii L.N. , Linear Stark effect in atoms and mesic atoms in the presence of neutral weak currents 8  (19)
     Lyuksyutov I.F. , Pokrovskii V.L., First-order phase transitions in systems with cubic anisotropy 9  (22)
     Afrosimov V.V., Gordeev Yu.S. , Zinov'ev A.N. , Rasulov D.Zh., Shergin A.P., Strong violation of adiabaticity in slow atomic collisions 11  (26)
     Klochan E.L. , Kornienko L.S., Kravtsov N.V., Lariontsev E.G., Shelaev A.N., Width of synchronization band in a solid-state ring laser 13  (30)
     Ermolenko A.S. , Korolev A.V. , Giant coercive force and certain features in the magnetization reversal of bulky single crystals of the intermetallic compounds Sm(Co1-xNix)s 15  (34)
     Kondratenko P.S. , Concerning one possibility of cooling solid He3 16  (37)
     Spivak G.V. , Komolova L.F., SIuev V.I., Saparin G.V. , Antoshin M.K., Properties of luminescence radiation excited in a small volume by an electron beam 17  (38)
     Kresin V.Z. , Litovchenko V.A. , Anisotropic thermal effect in superconductors 19  (42)
     Kopytin Yu.D. , Khmelevtsov S.S., New mechanism of self-focusing of light in a gas medium in the presence of absorbing centers 21  (45)
     Kudinov V.I. , Minaichev E.V., Myasishcheva G.G. , Obukhov Yu.V. , Roganov V.S., Savel'ev G.I. , Samoilov V.M. , Firsov V.G., Measurement of positive-muon spin-precession phase shift 22  (49)
     Shustin O.A. , Velichkina T.S. , Chernevich T.G., Yakovlev I .A., Diffusion study by a holographic method 24  (52)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.