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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kopylov V. N., Yanchenko S. S., Observation of Feigenbaum period-doubling bifurcations in an MHD instability of an electron-hole plasma in bismuth 379  (309)
Granovskii Ya. I., Zhedanov A. S., Coherent structures in a Heisenberg anisotropic array 382  (312)
Akhmedzhanov R. A., Polushkin I. N., Rostovtsev Yu. V., Shagiev Yu. M., Yazenkov V. V., Satellites induced on spectral lines of a hydrogen plasma by an intense microwave field (experimental) 384  (313)
Galeev A. A., Zelenyi L. M., Kuznetsova M. M., Nonlinear drift tearing mode: Hard onset and stabilization mechanisms 387  (316)
Kopaev Yu. V., Tugushev V. V., Interaction of light with toroidal oscillations in polar crystals 392  (320)
Dianov E. M., Pilipetskii A. N., Prokhorov A. M., Serkin V. N., Nonlinear conversion of a cw beam into a train of intense, short pulses in a fiber laser 396  (323)
Neidyuk Yu. G., Grivbov N. N., Lysykh A. A., Yanson I. K., Brandt N. B., Moshchalkov V. V., Microcontact spectroscopy of the CeCu2Si2 Kondo lattice 399  (325)
Vedenov A. A., Levchenko E. B., A class of nonlinear systems with memory 402  (328)
Fedoseeva N. V., Gekht R. S., Velikanova T. A., Balaev A. D., New intermediate phase in the spiral antiferromagnet CsCuCI3 induced by a strong magnetic field 406  (332)
Alekseevskii N. E., Mitin A. V., Nizhankovskii V. I.,. Firsov V. I, Khlybov E. P., Unusual properties of UBe13 410  (335)
Amus'ya M. Ya., Kuchiev M. Yu., Yakhontov V. L., Quadrupole moment of atoms in the nP1/2 state 413  (338)
Borodin D. V., Zaitsev-Zotov S. V., Nad' F. Ya., Line splitting and frequency locking of narrow-band emission in short TaS3 samples 416  (340)
Vasil'ev A. M., Ledentsov N. N., Kop'ev P. S., Mel'tser B. Ya., Ural'tsev I. N., Yakovlev D. R., Quasi-2D and free excitons in quantum-well structures 420  (343)
Alimardonov E. A., Gass A. N., Kapusta O. I., Klimin S. A., Surface-enhanced Raman spectra of ethane adsorbed on silver 423  (345)
Makhmudov A. Sh., Khabibullaev P. K., Khakimov Z. M., Levin A. A., Energy levels of Se and its complexes in Ge 426  (348)
Bairamov B. Kh., Irmer G., Monecke I., Toporov V. V., Observation of light scattering by bound states of optical phonons trapped at neutral donor centers with a degenerate ground state 428  (349)
Zhilyaev I. N., Observation of circulating current components in bismuth in a magnetic field 431  (352)
Afonin A. I., Borovoi A. A., Dobrynin Yu. L., Ketov S. N., Kopelkin V. I., Mikaelyan L. A., Skorokhvatov M. D., S. V. Tolokonnikov, A. N. Kheruvtsmov, Neutrino experiment in the reactor of the Rovno atomic power plant: cross section for inverse β decay 435  (355)
Gurvich E. G., Multiplicity distribution in deep inelastic production of neutrinos 439  (358)
Mal'tsev V. K., Higgs mechanism and gravitation 442  (361)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.