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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kirzhnits D. A., Pen'kov F. M., Interaction of a light particle with a system of heavy particles 155  (129)
Kazantsev S. A., Determination of the quadrupole moment of the electron distribution function in a plasma 158  (131)
Fedorov Yu. M., Leksikov A. A., Aksenov A. E., Light-induced dynamic instability of the domain structure in FeBO3: Ni 161  (134)
Ivchenko E. L., Kochereshko V. P., Mikhatiov G. V., Ural'tsev I. N., Magnetically induced spatial dispersion of crystals in the exciton region of the spectrum 164  (137)
Belov N. N., Davydov K. A., Datskevich N. P., Karlov N. V., Konov N. N., Kuz'min G. P., Negin A. E., Nesterenko A. A., Pakhomov A. V., Prokhorov A. M., Accelerated precipitation of water fogs due to acoustic action of a CO2 laser pulse 167  (139)
Kozlov V. A., Mazov L. S., Nefedov I. M., Zabolotskikh M. R., Inversion of hot carriers in Landau levels 170  (142)
Al'tshuler B. L., Aronov A. G., Tunneling-conductivity anomalies at low bias voltages in a magnetic field 175  (145)
Bunkin F. V., Davydov M. A., Kitaev N. P., Lyakhov G. A., Shipilov K. F., Shmaonov T. A., Anomalous backscattering of optical radiation in a stratified solution 178  (147)
Tabiryan N. V., Parametric interaction of oppositely propagating light waves of identical frequency 181  (150)
Blagoveshchenskii N. M., Bogoyavlenskii I. V., Karnatsevich L. V., Kozlov Zh. A., Milenko Yu. Va., Partenov V. A., Puchkov A. V., Inelastic neutron scattering of helium II below 1 K 184  (152)
Andreev S. P., Karnakov B. M., Mur V. D., Weakly bound states of an electron in art external electromagnetic field 187  (155)
Levinson I. B., Establishment of temperature in dielectric glasses below 1 K 190  (157)
Mkrtchyan R. L., Khokhlachev S. B., Reduction of the U() supersymmetry theory to a random-matrix model 193  (160)
Mostovoi Yu. A., Determination of GA/GV from the set of three angular-correlation coefficients observed in the decay of the free neutron 196  (162)
Dremin I. M., Nazirov M. T., Real part of the forward elastic scattering amplitude and high-energy behavior of the total cross sections 198  (163)
Emel'yanov V. M., Abelian dominance in a space-time lattice 201  (166)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.