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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gorokhovskii A. A., Pal'm V. V., Contraction of, and hole burning in, a phosphorescence line corresponding to the forbidden T_1\leftrightarrow S_0 transition in the spectrum of pyrene in a glassy matrix 237  (201)
Kuznetsov E. A., Musher S. L., Shafarenko A. V., Collapse of acoustic waves in media with positive dispersion 241  (204)
Glazov V. M., Kim S. G., Oscillations in the ultrasonic velocity during heating of liquid gallium 245  (208)
Freiberg A. M., Timpmann K. E., Direct observation of picosecond relaxation of high-lying electronic states of certain dye molecules in solution 247  (209)
Kaplyanskii A. A., Limonov M. F., Markov Yu. F., Excitation of lines in the infrared spectrum of Hg2CI2 crystals due to cell doubling with a phase transition 251  (212)
Tikhodeev S. G., Characteristics of the gas-liquid transition in a system of particles with finite lifetime 255  (216)
Boriev I. A., Velichko A. M., Gordon E. B., Nadelkin A. A., Nikitin A.I., Tal'roze V. L., Yield of excited iodine atoms during many-photon dissociation of CF3I and (CF3)3CI 259  (218)
Kamenskii V. G., Kats E. I., Stability of filaments of discotic liquid crystals 261  (221)
Chetkin M. V., Kuz'menko A. P., Gadetskii S. N., Filatov V. N., Akhutkina A. I., Interaction of a moving domain wall in an orthoferrite with Lamb waves 264  (223)
Eremin M. V., Ivanova T. A., Yablokov Yu. V., Gumerov R. M., Quasistatic long-range correlations of Jahn-Teller centers via the phonon field in K2ZnF4: Cu2+ at low temperatures 268  (226)
Varnavskii O. P., Kirkin A. N., Leontovich A. M., Mirzoyan R. G., Mozharovskii A. M., Sataev I. R., Coherent effects in the generation and amplification of ultrashort pulses in YAG:Nd and ruby at low temperatures 271  (229)
Alkhazov G. D., Barzakh A. E., Berlovich E. I., Denisov V. P., Dernyatin A. G., Ivanov V. S., Zherikhin A. N., Kompanets O. N., Letokhov V. S., Mishin V. I., Fedoseev V. N., Measurement of isotropic variations in the charge radii of europium nuclei by the method of three-stepped laser photoionization of atoms 274  (231)
Gabitov I. R., Zakharov V. E., Mikhailov A. V., Superfluorescence pulse shape 279  (234)
Gordon E. B., Pel'menev A. A., Pugachev O. F., Khmelenko V. V., Hydrogen and deuterium atoms, stabilized by condensation of an atomic beam in superfluid helium 282  (237)
Kazei Z. A., Kolmakova N. P., Sirota D. I., Sokolova V. I., Metamagnetism of a noncollinear antlferromagnet: the Jahn-Teller garnet Ca3Mn2Ge3O12 285  (240)
Odulov S. G., Soskin M. S., Lithium niobate laser with frequency-degenerate pumping 289  (243)
Kalmykov N. N., Khristiansen G. B., Possible explanation for scaling violation in hadron interactions above 103 TeV 294  (247)
Ioffe B. L., Smilga A. V., Proton and neutron magnetic moments in quantum chromodynamics 298  (250)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.