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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ivanov M. A., Loktev V. M., Pogorelov Yu. G., Features of the hyperfine field at the nucleus of the ion 57Fe2+ in antiferromagnetic CoCO3 493  (417)
Travnikov V. V., Krivolapchuk V. V., Imprisonment of polaritons 496  (419)
Kurbatov L N., Britov A. D., Karavaev S. M., Sivachenko S. D., Maksimovskii S. N., Ovchinnikov I. I., Rzaev M. M., Starik P. M., Far-IR heterojunction lasers tunable to 46.2 μ m 499  (422)
Abrikosov A.A. , On the mechanism of superconductivity in quasi-one-dimensional compounds 503  (424)
Bakastov S. S., Konyukhov V. K., Tikhonov V. I., Kinetically isolated subsystems of rotational levels of heavy water molecule in atom-molecule collisions 506  (427)
Toperverg B. P., On the dynamical study of magnets by polarized neutron scattering 509  (430)
Gukasov A. G., Okorokov A. I., Fuzhara F., Sherp O., Feasibility of studying the dynamics of three-spin correlations in ferromagnets above Tc by the method of pseudorandom modulation of neutron polarization 513  (432)
Finkel'shtein A. M., On the frequency and temperature dependence of the conductivity near a metal-insulator transition 517  (436)
Ignatchenko V. A., Mal'tsev V. K., Reihgardt A. E., Tsifrinovich V. I., New mechanism for formation of nuclear spin echo 520  (439)
Makhaldiani N. V., Muller-Preussker M., Topological susceptibility in a SU(3) lattice gauge theory 523  (440)
Nikolaev S. N., Radyushkin A. V., Power-law corrections to the quantum chromodynamics sum rules for charmonium 526  (443)
Andronenko M. N., Vol'nin E. N., Vorob'ev A. A., Grachev V. T., Lobodenko A. A., Strakovskii I. I., Uvarov L. N., Momentum distributions of backward-emitted protons in 1-GeV proton-nucleus interactions 530  (446)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.