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VOLUME 22 (1975) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Anisimov O. A. , Raitsimring A. M., Molin Yu. N. , Effect of electric field on positronium production in liquids 91  (197)
Sokolov A.I., Scaling invariance and first-order phase transitions in cubic ferroelectrics 92  (199)
Razbirin B. S. , Mushinskii V. P. , Karaman M. I., Starukhin A. N., Gamarts E. M., Optical alignment of excitons 94  (203)
Gershenzon E. M. , Orlov L. A. , Ptitsina N. G., Absorption spectra in electron transitions between excited states of impurities in germanium 95  (207)
Gol'danskii B. I. , Levin B. M. , Shantarovich V. N. , Agievskii D. A., Landau M. V. , Tatur A. O., Shishkin A. V., Ortho-paraconversion of positronium in a dielectric with metallic inclusions 97  (211)
Prokhorov A. S. , Rudashevskii E. G., Exchange amplification and magnetic impurity oscillation (MIO) quenching in antiferromagnets (AF) 99  (214)
Aronov A. G. , Spivak B. Z. , Photoeffect in a Josephson junction 101  (218)
Basov N. F. , Belenov E. M., Isakov V. A., Leonov Yu. S., Markin E. P., Oraevskii A. N. , Romanenko V. I. , Ferapontov N. B. , Condensation of vibrationally excited gas 102  (221)
Brandt N. B. , Gitsu D. V., Popovich N. S., Sidorov V. I. , Chudinov S. M., Superconductivity of the compounds PbTe and PbSe under high pressure 104  (225)
Vereshchagin L. F. , Fateeva N. S., Magnitskaya M. V., Melting curve of rhenium up to 80 kbar 106  (229)
Gaidukov Yu. P. , Golyamina E. M., Danilova N. P., Temperature dependence of the magnetoresistance of cadmium and antimony whisker crystals 107  (231)
Volovik G. E. , Angular momentum and orbital waves in the anisotropic A phase of superfluid He3 108  (234)
Gusev V. K. , Ipatov V. A. , Kaganskii M. G., Kalmykov S. G., Razdobarin G. T., Shakhovets K. L., Shprits N. D. , Adiabatic compression of a toroidal plasma pinch by a magnetic field 110  (238)
Denisov Yu. V. , Kizel' V. A., Mnev V. V., Sukhenko E. P., Tishchenko V. G. , Gyrotropy in vibrational transitions 112  (242)
Shcheglov D. A. , Possibility of observing coronal spectral lines in a laboratory plasma 114  (245)
Levintov I. I. , Spin-flip dynamics and inclusive processes 115  (249)
Volkovitskii P. Z. , Kaminskaya E. P. , Form factors of vector particles 117  (253)
Zhuchko V. E. , Ignatyuk A. V., Ostapenko Yu. B., Smirenkin G. N. , Soldatov A. S., Tsipenyuk Yu. M. , Isomer shells in the cross section of deep subbarrier photofission of heavy nuclei 118  (255)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.