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VOLUME 27 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Dikman S.M., Relaxation of initial perturbation and Landau damping in an inhomogeneous plasma 403  (429)
     Khataevich V.I., Zeinally A.Kh., Dissipative structure in the turbulent motion of liquid crystals 408  (434)
     Druzhinin A.G., Possibility of exciting Gulyaev-Bleustein waves by developing defects 411  (438)
     Komarov A.V., Ryabchenko S.M., Vitrikhovskii N.I., Gigantic magnetic splitting of exciton reflection band in a ZnTe:Mn crystal 413  (441)
     Mintz R.G., Concerning the stability of the critical state in type-II superconductors 417  (445)
     Velikovich A.L., Liberman M.A., Runaway of the front of a shock wave near a metallic surface, and mechanism of the destruction on the current sheath in a noncylindrical Z-pinch 420  (449)
     Ostapenko N.I., Sugakov V.I., Chernomorets M.P., Shpak M.T., Constants of the deformation potential of exciton-phonon interaction in naphthalene 423  (452)
     Zheleznykh I.M., Leonov Yu.S., Some possibilities of detecting muons and neutrinos 427  (456)
     Dolgopolov V.T., Dorozhkin S.I., Structure of layer produced on a surface of aluminum when a magnetic field H > Hc is turned 430  (459)
     Petrov M.P., Korneev V.R., Parametric effect in nuclear spin echo in FeBO3 433  (463)
     Kharchenko N.F., Eremenko V.V., Tutakina O.P., Light birefringence bilinear in the ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic vectors in cobalt carbonate 437  (466)
     Linde A.D., Crystallization of Yang-Mills fields in superdense matter 441  (470)
     Mal'tsev V.K., Canonical formalism for field theories with singular Lagrangian 443  (473)

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