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VOLUME 13 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Mil'shtein S.Kh., Nikitenko V.I. , Ivestigation of Local Changes of the Electric Properties of Silicon Under the Influence of Individual Dislocations 233  (329)
     Gross E.F., Safarov V.I., Titkov A.N., Shlimak I.S. , Observation of Excited States and Experimental Determination of the Binding Energy of Indirect Exciton in Germanium 235  (332)
     Davydov B.L., Zhabotinskii M.E., Zolin V.F. , Koreneva L.G. , Samikhina M.A. , Observation of Vector Synchronism in Generation of the Sound Harmonic of a Neodymium Laser with Single Crystal of Metanitroaniline 238  (336)
     Bydin Yu. F., Ogurtsov V.I., Sirazetdinov V.S. , Penning Ionization in Collision of Fast Unexcited Rb Atoms with Ar Atoms 240  (340)
     Kryshkin V.I., Potashov A.G., Sterligov A.G., Usov Yu.P. , Determination of the Radius of Strong Interaction of Pb and the Mean Free Path of the π0 Meson in Nuclear Matter 242  (341)
     Shatrov V.D., Gordon E.B. , Ponomarev A.N., Tal'roze V.L. , Luminescence of Solid OrganiÓ Dyes Bombarded by Thermal Hydrogen Atoms 243  (344)
     Fok M.V., L'vova E.Yu . , Ionization Instability and Motion of Glowing Spots in Na2ZnGeO4:Mn 245  (346)
     Veselago V.G., Glushkov M.V., Lyn'ko L.V. , Propagation of Magnetoplasma Waves in Bi Alloyed with ôÅ 247  (349)
     Oparin V.A., II'in R.N. , Serenkov I. T., Solov'ev E.S. , Fedorenko N.V. , Direct Proof of the Existence of an Excited Negative ε- Ion and the Determination of the Binding Energy of the Electron In It 249  (351)
     Erozolimskii B. F., Bondarenko L.N., Mostovoi Yu. A., Obinyakov B . A ., Fedunin V.I. , Frank A.I. , Measurement of the Angular Correlation Between the Neutron Spin and the Electron Momentum in the Decay of Polarized Neutrons 252  (356)
     Krainov V.I. , WKB Method for a Strong Coulomb Field 255  (359)
     Rivlin L.A. , Collective Effects in Discretely-electronc Beams 257  (362)
     Vekhter B.G., Kovarskii V.A., Rozenfel'd Yu.B., Tsukerblat B.S . , Possibility of Controlling the Parameters of Phononless Lines with the Aid of Ultrasound 260  (365)
     Krivoruchko S.M., Bakai A.S., Kornilov E.A. , Mechanism of Excitation and Control of Relaxation Oscillations in a Plasma-beam System 262  (369)
     Iroshnikov G.S., Chernov A.S. , Electromagnetic Form Factor for the Pion in the Dual Resonant Model 265  (372)
     Zevin V.Ya., Brik A.B. , "Forbidden" Cross-relaxation Transitions and Their Role in the Dynamics of Stationary ENDOR 268  (376)
     Akhiezer I.A., Davydov L.N. , Instability of Spin Waves in FerroelectriÓ Antiferromagnets in External Fields 271  (380)
     Bardin D.Yu., Mitsel'makher S.V., Shumeiko N.M. , Determination of the Mass of the Muonic Neutrino in Radiative Pion Decays 273  (383)
     Kobushkin A.P. , Dual Amplitude for Processes with Participatiom of Photons 277  (387)
     Kuraev E.A., Lazurik-El'tsufin V.T. , High-energy AsymptotiÓ Cross Sections for the Production of e+e- Pairs in Collisions of Heavy Charged Particles 280  (391)
     Askar'yan G.A. , Self-focusing of Powerful Sound During the Production of Bubbles 283  (395)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.