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VOLUME 13 | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Latypov Z.Z., Shaporenko A.A. , Interference Effect in the Cross Section for the Charge Exchange of Li+ Ions with He Atoms 375  (525)
     Andreev V.N. , Tallerchik B.A., Chudnovskii F.A. , Influence of a Strong Electric Field on the Temperature of the Dielectric-Metal Phase Transition in (V0.91Cr0.09) 2O3 376  (527)
     Dyubko S.F., Efimenko M.N. , Detecting Properties of Metal-InSb Point Contact at a Wavelength of 337 Õ and ô - 3000K 380  (533)
     Al'tshuler S.A. , Valishev R.M., Kochelaev B.I., Khasanov A.Kh. , Observation of Phonon Cascade by the Method of Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Light Scattering in Pulsed Saturation of Paramagnetic Resonance 382  (535)
     Batanov G.M., Sarksyan K.A. , Resonance of Anomalous Microwave Heating of Electrons in a Magnetized Plasma 384  (539)
     Aivazyan T.W. , Aivazyan Yu.M., Gol'danskii V.I., Kocharyan L.A., Makarov E.F., Mkrtchyan A.R. , Influence of Ultrasonic Excitations in Crystals on the Probability of the Mossbauer Effect 388  (543)
     Borshkovskii I.A. , Volovik V. D. , Grishaev I .A., Dubovik G.P., Zalyubovskii I.I., Petrenko V.V. , Excitation of Ultrasonic Waves by Passage of Fast Electrons Through a Metal 390  (546)
     Lemanov V.V., Shakin O.V. , Features of Scattering of Light by Hypersonic Waves in Uniaxial Crystals 392  (549)
     Chuyanov V.A., Murphy E.G. , Experiments on the Stabilization of Flute Instability with the Aid of an Integrating Feedback System 395  (553)
     Arl't R., Bayar B., Zaitseva N.G ., Kratsik B., Novgorodov A.F. , Severa F., Chang Than Min , The New Isotope 92Ru 397  (556)
     Kopvillem U.Kh. , Smolyakov B.P. , Sharipov R.Z. , Polarization Echo in the Ferroelectric Single Crystal KH2PO4 398  (558)
     Pogorelyi A.N., Kotov V.V. , Temperature Dependence of the Intensity of NMR of Hexagonal Cobalt 400  (561)
     Babkin G.I. , Dolgopolov V.T., Kravchenko V.Ya. , Electromagnetic Generation of Sound in Bi 402  (563)
     Bratolyubova-Tsulukidze L.S. , Kalinkin L.F., Melioranskii A.S. , Prilutskii O.F., Pryakhin E.A., Savenko I.A., Yufarkin V.Ya. , Upper Limits of Luminosity of Certain ExtragalactiÓ Objects in the Hard γ-Ray Region 404  (566)
     Gurzhi R.N., Kopeliovich A.I. , Low Temperature Electric Conductivity of Metals with Open Fermi Surfaces 406  (569)
     Andryushin V.I. , Bilen'kii S.M. , Gershtein S.S. , Possible Method of Measuring the Electromagnetic Form Factor of the Neutrino 409  (573)
     Gol'danskii V.I., Peker L.K. , Possibility of Two-proton and Two-neutrino Radioactive Decay from Many-particle IsomeriÓ States of Nuclei 412  (578)
     Leontovich M., Khait V. , Possibility of Experimentally Measuring the Electromagnetic Fields Produced in a Metal in Which Transverse Ultrasonic Waves Propagate 414  (579)
     Bugai A.A. , Maksimenko V.M. , Fieldless Temperature Resonance in Ruby (T-resonance) 380  (533)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.