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VOLUME 13 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Braginskii V. B., Menskii M. V. , High-frequency Detection of Gravitational Waves 417  (585)
     Malyshev V. I. , Sychev A. A., Babenko V. A. , Investigation of the Character of the Emission of a Neodymium Glass Laser with a Passive Shutter Having a Finite Relaxation Time 419  (588)
     Malyshev Yu. M. , Tatarenkov V. M., Titov A. N. , Optical Frequency Standard with a Beam Type Absorbing Cell 422  (592)
     Karchevskii A.I. , Strakhov Yu. I. , Thresholds of Two-Stream Instability of Current in a Straight Discharge 424  (595)
     Goman'kov V. I. , Puzei I. M., Sigaev V. N., Kozis E. V., Mal'tsev E. I. , Fine Crystalline and Magnetic Structures of Iron-nickel Invars 428  (600)
     Eremin B. G., Litvak A. G. , Observation of Self-focusing of Electromagnetic Waves in a Plasma 430  (603)
     Kobyzev V. N., Tager A. S. , Coherent Microwave Radiation of n-InSb 433  (607)
     Kitaeva V. F., Chistyi I. L. , Fine Structure of Rayleigh Line in Sapphire Crystal 435  (611)
     Yanait Yu. A. , Abakumov G. A., Kromskii G. I. , Simonov A. I. , Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V. , Generation in the Ultraviolet with Frequency Tuning, Using a Paraterphenyl Solution and Excitation with a Flash Lamp 438  (616)
     Berenblyum A. S. , Buravov L. I., Khidekel' M. D., Shchegolev I. F. , Yakimov E. B. , Electric Properties of Linear Conducting Chains of Pt Atoms in K_2Pt(CN)_4Br_{2.3}\dot 2.3H_2O 440  (619)
     Osip'yan Yu. A., Petrenko V. F., Savchenko I.B. , Infrared Quenching of the Photoplastic Effect in Cadmium Sulfide 442  (622)
     Buchikhin A. P. , Gol'danskii V. I., Shantarovich V. P. , Temperature Dependence of the Lifetime of Triplet Positronium in Aliphatic Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives 444  (624)
     Ratner B. S. , Near-threshold Singularities of the Yield of Direct Photonuclear Reactions 447  (628)
     Andreev T. L. , Kuznetsova S. V. , Maslov A. I., Sobel'man I.I., Sorokin V. N. , Investigation of Reactions of Excited Iodine Atoms with the Aid of a Photodissociation Laser 449  (631)
     Zel'dovich Ya. B., Ovchinnikov A. A. , Repopulation of Highly-excited Vibrational Levels in a Cold Lattice 452  (636)
     Kozlov V. A., Nagaev E. L. , Anomalies of Thermal Emf in Phonon-phonon Dragging 455  (639)
     Bibilashvili M. F. , Groupsof Parallel Penetrating Particles and Their Possible Sources 457  (643)
     Zaretskii D. F., Urin M. G. , Neutron Strength Functions 460  (646)
     Frankfurt L. L. , Power-law Increase of Amplitude of Scattering of Large-spin Virtual Particle with Increasing Energy 462  (650)
     Shuryak E. V. , Production of Muon Pairs with Large Invariant Masses in Hadron Collisions 465  (653)
     D'yakonov M.I., Perel' V. I. , Possibility of Orienting Electron Spins with Current 467  (657)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.