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VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Voron'ko Yu. K., Kaminskii A. A., Kornienko L. S., Osiko V. V., Prokhorov A. M., Udovenchik V. T. , Investigation of stimulated emission of Ca2Nd3+ (type II) crystals at room temperature 39  (3)
     Belov K. P., Ergin Yu. V., Katsnel'son A. A., Ped'ko A. V. , Magnetic properties of gadolinium at high pressures and high temperatures 43  (8)
     Lebedev O. L., Gavrilov V. N., Gryaznov Yu. M., Chastov A. A. , Production of giant laser emission pulses in neodymium activated glass with the aid of translucent solutions 47  (14)
     Amirkhanov Kh. I., Bashirov R. I. , New data on the spin Shubnikov - de-Haas effect in InSb 49  (17)
     Lushchikov V. I., Taran Yu. V., Frank A. I. , Dynamic polarization of deuterons in a lanthanum magnesium nitrate crystal 52  (21)
     Polyakov A. M. , Renormalization of conserved currents by symmetry breaking 55  (27)
     Matinyan S. G. , Transformation properties of the weak interaction Lagrangian and of the S-amplitude of hadron decays of hyperons in SU(6) symmetry 57  (29)
     Mina R. T., Khaikin M. S. , Investigation of a microwave electromagnetic wave in the skin layer of indium 60  (34)
     Voronov G. S., Delone N. B. , Ionization of the xenon atom by the electric field of ruby laser emission 66  (42)
     Sukhomlin E. A., Reva N. I., Suprunenko V. A., Tolok V. T. , Excitation and thermalization of electron plasma waves in a strong- current gas discharge 68  (45)
     Azimov Ya. I., Anisovich V. V., Ansel'm A. A., Danilov G. S., Dyatlov I. T. , Electromagnetic decays of mesons in the quark model 72  (50)

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