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VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Gliner E. B. , A Possible Generalization of Einstein's Equations 33  (53)
     Basoy N. G., Zuev V. S., Senatskii Yu. V. , Neodymiurn-glass Laser with Pulsed O-switching 35  (57)
     Eliseev P. G., Novikov A. A., Fedorov V. B. , Effects of Optical Interaction of Two Diode Lasers 36  (58)
     Zubova N. V., Sushchinskii M. M., Zubov V. A. , On the Complex Line Structure in the Spectra of Stimulated Raman Scattering of Light 39  (63)
     Itskevich E. S., Voronovskii A. N., Sukhoparov V. A. , Variation of Low-frequency Component of the Electric-resistance Oscillations of Zinc in a Magnetic Field at Pressure 16,000 kg/cm2 42  (67)
     Kagan Yu., Sobakin V. , Anisotropy of Odd Photomagnetic Effect in Semiconductors of Cubic Symmetry 44  (71)
     Kikoin I. K., Lazarev S. D. , Anisotropy of Odd Photomagnetic Effect in Germanium in Strong Effective Magnetic Fields 47  (75)
     Veselago V. G., Oraevskii A. N., Strakhovskii G. M., Tatarenkov V. M. , Mew Method of Maser Tuning 49  (77)
     Fedyanin O. I., Khokhlov Yu. V. , Influence of Toroidal Drift on Plasma Injection Transversely to the Magnetic Field 50  (79)
     Ozernoi L. M. , Gravitational Radiation of Explosive Origin 52  (83)
     Piliptetskii N. F., Rustamov A. R. , Observation of Selffocusing of Light in Liquids 55  (88)
     Alikhanov A. I., Bayatyan G. L., Brakhman E. V., Galaktionov Yu. V., Eliseev G. P., Ech F. A., Zel'dovich O. Ya., Landsberg L. G., Lyubimov V. A., Sidorov I. V. , Elastic Backward Scattering of Negative Pions by Neutrons in the 1.4 - 4.0 BeV/c Momentum Interval 57  (90)
     Bedilov M. R., Likhachev V. M., Mikhailov G. V., Rabinovich M. S. , Use of the Pinch Effect for Optical Laser Pumping 59  (95)
     Vitman V. D., Dzelepov B. S., Serqeev A. G. , Energies and Relative Intensities of 2201, 2490, and 2508 y Lines in the Spectrum of Ga72 61  (97)
     Amirkhanov Kh. I., Bashirov R. I. , Effect of Spin on the Longitudinal Magnetoresistance in Indium Antimonide at 4.2° K 62  (100)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.