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VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Levin E. M., Frankfurt L. L. , The Quark Hypothesis and Relations Between Cross Sections at High Energies 65  (105)
     Azimov Ya. I., Anisovich V. V., Ansel'm A. A., Danilov G. S., Dyatlov I. T. , On a Possible Classification of Elementary Particles in the Quark Model 68  (109)
     Gurovich T. Ts., Guseinov O. Kh. , Rotation of Superdense Configurations 70  (113)
     Astiani T. L., Nazaryan A. A., Sharkhatunyan R. O. , Search for Cosmic-ray Charged Particles Having Mass \geq 50m_e and Decaying in Millisecond Time Intervals 72  (116)
     Dolinov V. K., Melikov Yu. V., Tulinov A. F. , Angular Distributions of a-particles from the Reactions C12(d,α)B10 and O16(d,α)N14 74  (120)
     Mamaladze Yu. D., Cheishvili O. D. , Phenomenological Wave Function of a Super fluid Liquid in a Porous Medium 76  (123)
     Lyubimov A. L. , Dependence of the Slope of the Diffraction Curves of pp, p\bar{p}, K^+p, K^-p, \pi^+p, and π-p Scattering on the Engergy 78  (125)
     Afanas'ev A. M., Kagan Yu. , Radiation of a System of Excited Nuclei in a Crystal 81  (130)
     Kulik I. O. , Theory of "Steps" of Voltage-current Characteristic of the Josephson Tunnel Current 84  (134)
     Khalfin L. A. , Monotonicity of the Decay of Unstable Particles Corresponding to an n-order Pole 87  (139)
     Kovrizhnykh L. , Heating of Ions by Nonlinear Absorption by Transverse Waves in a Plasma 89  (142)
     Bychkov Yu. A., Gor'kov L. P., Dzyaloshinskii I. E. , Concerning One-dimensional Superconductivity 92  (146)

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