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VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Belov K. P., Kadomtseva A. M., Ledneva T. M., Ovchinnikova T. L., Timofeeva V. A. , Features of the Temperature Dependence of the Magnetization of Thulium Orthoferrite 161  (253)
     Dao Vong Due, Cao Ti , Electromagnetic Splitting of the Masses of the 70-plet in the SU(6) Symmetry Scheme 163  (256)
     Baier V. N., Galitskii V. M. , Double Bremsstrahlung in Electron Collisions 165  (259)
     Kurbatov L. N., Khalilov P. A., Susov E. V., Kharakhorin F. F. , Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Electric Conductivity of p-Type Indium Antimonide 167  (262)
     Dalidchik F. I., Sayasov Yu. S. , Exchange Effect in Elastic Scattering of Polarized Identical Nuclei 169  (266)
     Alekseevskii N. E., Kir'yanov A. P., Nizhankovskii V. I., Samarskii Yu. A. , Anisotropy of the Mossbauer Effect in Single Crystals of Tin at Low Temperatures 171  (269)
     Vlasov M. A. , Instability of an Inhomogeneous Plasma 174  (274)
     Andronikashvili E. L., Tsakadze D. S. , Dependence of the density of Rotating Liquid Helium on the Angular Velocity 177  (278)
     Berlovich E. E., Novikov Yu. N. , On the Shape of Odd Nuclei of the Transition Region 179  (281)
     Volkov D. V. , Electromagnetic Form Factors of Baryons and SU(6) Symmetry 181  (284)
     Bersuker I. B., Kovarskii V. A. , On the Possibility of an Optical Shift of the Mossbauer-Spectrum Lines 182  (286)
     Sharvin Yu. V. , Observation of Dynamic Intermediate State of Superconductors with the Aid of Microcontacts 183  (287)
     Afrosimov V. V., Gordeev Yu. S., Panov M. N., Fedorenko N. V. , Ionization and Scattering with Characteristic Energy Losses in Atomic Collisions 185  (291)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.