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VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Vlasov M. A. , Torch Structure of Drift Instability 189  (297)
     Akhmanov S. A., Kovrigin A. I., Piskarskas A. S., Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V. , Observation of Parametric Amplification in the Optical Range 191  (300)
     Tsakadze D. S., Shanshiashvili L. G. , Concerning the Rotation of Helium II Near the λ Point 194  (305)
     Dubunskaya L. S., Farbshtein I. I. , The Role of the Anisotropy of Scattering in Tellurium 195  (307)
     Il'in R. N., Oparin V. A., Solov'ev E. S., Fedorenko N. V. , Charge Exchange of Protons in Alkaline Metal Vapor with Formation of Highly Excited Hydrogen Atoms 197  (310)
     Babaev Z. R., Zamiralov V. S., Solov'ev L. D. , Electromagnetic Properties of Mesons in Broken SU(6) Symmetry 199  (314)
     Brodin M. S., Batulev V. N., Zakrevskii S. V. , Influence of Intense Laser Radiation on the Dispersive Properties of "Transparent" Crystals 201  (317)
     Rekalo M. P. , Photoproduction of Mesons on Nucleons and SU(6) Symmetry 203  (320)
     Vinogradov E. A., Dianov E. M., Irisova N. A. , Fabry-Perot Interferometer for the Short Millimeter and Submillimeter Bands with Metallic Grids Having Periods Smaller than the Wavelength 205  (323)
     Hulubei H., Scintei M., Berinde A., Martalogu N., Neamu I. , Small-Angle Scattering of Protons by Mg24 207  (327)
     Baier V. N. , Possible Verification of Nonconservation of Time Parity in Colliding Beam Experiments 209  (330)
     Vanyashin V. S. , Contribution to the Theory of Weak Interaction 211  (333)
     Solov'ev V. V., Terent'ev M. V. , Charge Asymmetry in Radiative Decays of K- and p-Mesons upon Violation of CP-Invariance 213  (336)
     Zel'dovich Ya. B. , On the Masses of Particles (Resonances) with Strangeness S = -4 S = +1 216  (340)
     Bugai A. A., Levkovskii P. T., Maksimenko V. M., Pashovskii M. V., Roitsin A. B. , Splitting of EPR Lines of Cr3+ in ZnWO4 by an External Electric Field 218  (344)
     Shumilov S. N., Klyucharev A. P., Rutkevich N. Ya. , Total Nuclear Decay Reactions 220  (347)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.