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VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Ivanov A. G. , Mineev V. N., Novitskii E. Z., Yanov V. A., Bezrukov G. I. , Anomalous Polarization of Sodium Chloride Under Impact Loading 223  (353)
     Rusanov V. D., Smirnov V. P. , Investigation of Oblique Magnetic-Sound Waves of Large Amplitude 225  (356)
     Kirkinskii V. A., Ryaposov A. P. , Melting Curve of Antimonide up to 15000 kg/cm2 Pressure 227  (361)
     Morozov A. I. , Even Acousto-Electric Effect in Zinc Sulfide Crystals 228  (362)
     Kogan Sh. M., Lifshitz T. M., Sidorov V. I. , Recombination Radiation Stimulated in Silicon by Long-Wave Infrared Radiation 230  (365)
     Vdovin V. L. , Convective Instability of a Plasma Which is Not Uniform Along the Magnetic Field 232  (369)
     Nikolaev V. I., Yakimov S. S., Dubovtsev I. A., Gavrilova Z. G. , Magnetic Structure of the Compound FeGe 235  (373)
     Voronov G. S., Delone G. A., Delone N. B., Kudrevatova O. V. , Multiphoton Ionization of the Hydrogen Molecule in the Strong Electric Field of Ruby Laser Emission 237  (377)
     Ermakov B. A., Lukin A. V., Mak A. A., Prilezhaev D. S. , Monopulse Generation with CaF2:U3+ Crystals 239  (380)
     Zakharov V. I., Tyutin I. V. , Effect of Mass Splitting Within the Baryon Octet on BB Scattering 240  (383)
     Kut'in V. M., Petrukhin V. I., Prokoshkin Yu. D. , Search for π0 → 3γ Decay 243  (387)
     Lutskii V. N. , Features of Optical Absorption of Metallic Films in the Region Where the Metal Turns Into a Dielectric 245  (391)
     Sandomirskii V. B. , Transition of Semiconductors to a Superconducting State Under the Influence of the Field Effect 248  (396)
     Blinov P. I., Gavrilov B. I., Zakatov L. P., Cheremnykh P. A. , Electron Heating in the TN-1 Installation 250  (398)
     Koval' A. A., Kopanets E. G., Korda Yu. S., Sukhotin L. N., Tsytko S. P. , Excitation Function of the Reaction S36(pγ)Cl37 In the Interval Ep = 1.4 - 2.1 MeV 252  (402)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.