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VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Vovenko A. S., Gus'kov B. N., Likhachev M. F.,Lyubimov A. L., Matulenko Yu. A., Savin I. A., Stavinskii V. S. , Elastic 180° Scattering of π+ Mesons by Protons at High Energies 255  (409)
     Manenkov A. A., Danileiko Yu. K. , Concentration and Temperature Dependences of the Spin-lattice Relaxation Times in Ruby at Helium Temperatures. Relaxation in Zero Magnetic Field 257  (414)
     Chechkin V. V., Vasil'ev M. P., Grigor'eva L. I., Longinov A. V., Smerdov B. I. , Resonant Heating of a Plasma by a High-frequency Field 260  (418)
     Lifshitz T. M., Oleinikov A. Ya., Shul'man A. Ya. , Scattering of Electron-gas Energy in n-InSb at Helium Temperatures 262  (423)
     Blinov P. I., Zakatov L. P., Plakhov A. G., Chikin R. V., Shapkin V. V. , Influence of the Mirror Ratio on Plasma Heating by an Electron Beam in a "Probkotron" 264  (426)
     Gaponov A. V., Gol'deriberg A. L., Grigor'ev D. P., Orlova I. M., Pankratova T. B., Petelin M. I. , Induced Synchrotron Radiation of Electrons in Cavity Resonators 267  (430)
     Platonenko V. T., Khokhlov R. V. , Stimulated Raman Scattering and Parametric Processes 269  (435)
     Shekun L. Ya. , Parameters of Crystalline Field of Tetragonal Centers in Crystals with Scheelite Structure 271  (437)
     Anisovich V. V. , Simple High-energy Scattering Model 272  (439)
     Kirzhnits D. A., Maksimov E. G. , Critical Temperature of Thin Superconducting Films 274  (442)
     Shabalin E. P. , CP-odd Weak Interaction 276  (446)
     Sokolov A. A., Pavlenko Yu. G. , Contribution to the Quantum Theory of Stimulated Emission of Electrons in Crossed Fields 279  (449)
     Boldyshev V. F. , Correlation of Internal-conversion Electron Polarization 280  (451)
     Dubovikov M. S. , Concerning One Possible Method of Determining Isobar Parity 282  (454)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.