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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Vorob'ev G. A., Rudenko N. S. , Isotropic Spark Chamber 37  (61)
     Kormer S. B., Yushko K. B., Krishkevich G. V. , Dependence of the Refractive Index on the Density of the Solid and Liquid Phases of Shock-compressed Ionic Crystals. Relaxation Time of Phase Transformation under Shock Compression 39  (64)
     Braginskii V. B. , One Method of Searching for Quarks 43  (69)
     Chaban A. A. , Concerning Induced Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering 45  (73)
     Lobashov V. M., Nazarenko V. A., Saenko L. F., Smotritskii L. M. , Search for Parity Nonconservation in Nuclear Gamma Transitions 47  (76)
     Lukashevich I. I., Sklyarevskii V. V., Aleshin K. P., Samoilov B. N., Stepanov E. P., Filippov N. I. , The Mossbauer Effect on Dy161 Impurity Nuclei in Metallic Gadolinium 50  (81)
     Aleksandrov E. B., Bonch-Bruevich A. M., Kostin N. N., Khodovoi V. A. , Frequency Shift of Optical Transition in the Field of a Light Wave 53  (85)
     Kaslin V. M., Petrash G. G. , Rotational Structure of Ultraviolet Generation of Molecular Nitrogen 55  (88)
     Baiborodov Yu. T., Gott Yu. V., Ioffe M. S., Yushmanov E. E. , Unstable States of a Plasma in a Trap with Combined Field 58  (92)
     Tikhomirova N. A., Tonkov E. Yu., Stishov S. M. , New Phase of Bismuth 60  (96)
     Markov M. , Concerning the Search for Specific Interactions between μ Mesons and vμ Neutrinos at Ultrahigh Energies 62  (98)
     Trelin Yu. S., Sheludyakov E. P. , Experimental Determination of the Speed of Sound in the Critical Region of Carbon Dioxide 63  (101)

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