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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Nikol'skii S. I. , Inelastic Interactions of Rucleons and Nuclei at High Energy 97  (153)
     Dubovikov M. S. , Use of a Helium Target to Determine the Spin and Parity of Multimeson Resonances 99  (156)
     Rekalo M. P. , Check of C-invariance in Photoproduction of Strongly-interact ing Particles 101  (160)
     Basiladze S. G., Ermolov P. F., Oganesyan K. O. , Cross Section for the Production of Charged Pions in (n-p) Collisions at a Neutron Effective Energy 585 keV 103  (163)
     Askar'yan G. A. , Optocaloric Effect (Amplification of the Atomic Interaction and Cooling of the Medium) in a Laser Beam 105  (166)
     Fetisov V. N. , Influence of the Structure of Three-particle Nuclei on the Photodisintegration Cross Section 108  (170)
     Andronikashvili E. L., Bedbenova D. S., Politov N. G., Tsakadze D. S. , Scattering of Cold Neutrons in Irradiated KBr and NaCl Crystals 110  (173)
     Al'tshuler S. A. , Use of Substances Containing Rare-earth Ions with Even Number of Electrons to Obtain Infralow Temperatures 112  (177)
     Bogod Yu. A., Eremenko V. V. , Magnetoresistance of Bismuth in Strong Magnetic Fields 114  (180)
     Kulik I. O. , Nonstationary Phenomena in the Mixed State of Superconductors of the Second Kind 116  (183)
     Borzhkovskii I. A., Volovik V. D., Kobizskoy V. I., Shmatko E. S. , Measurement of the Polarization of Coherent Radio Emission of Extensive Air Showers (EAS) 118  (186)
     Fomin P. I. , Concerning the Possible Role Played by Gravitation in the Problem of the Mass of an Elementary Particle 120  (190)

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