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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Eremenko V. V., Popkov Yu. A., Kharchenko L. T. , Zeeman Effect on Exciton-magnon Bands in Antiferromagnetic MnF2 Crystals 149  (233)
     Daiborg E. I. , Application of SU(3) Symmetry to Multiple Meson Production 152  (237)
     Bashkirov Sh. Sh., Sadykov E. K. , Effect of Optical Radiation on the Electric Quadrupole Interaction of a Parametric-ion Nucleus 154  (240)
     Burchenko P. Ya., Vasilenko B. T., Volkov E. D., Nikolaev R. M., Potapenko V. A., Tolok V. T. , Excitation and Thermalization of Plasma Oscillations in a Stellarator 156  (243)
     Mikhailovskii A. B., Tsypin V. S. , High-frequency Instability of a Plasma in a Radial Electric and Longitudinal Magnetic Field 158  (247)
     Monosov Ya. A., Surin V. V., Tulaikova A. A. , Investigation of High-frequency Oscillations in Single-crystal Magnesium Manganese Ferrite 159  (250)
     Fridkin V. M. , Some Effects Due to Electron-phonon Interaction in Phase Transitions Occurring in a Semiconductor Ferroelectric 161  (252)
     Blinov P. I., Zakatov L. P., Plakhov A. G., Chikin R. V., Shapkin V. V. , Influence of Magnetic-field Configuration on the Heating and Containment of a Plasma in a Mirror Trap ("Probkotron") 163  (256)
     Perepelkin N. F. , Raman Scattering of Microwaves by Plasma Oscillations 165  (258)
     Ambartsumyan R. V., Basov N. G., Kryukov P. G., Letokhov V. S. , Laser with Nonresonant Feedback 167  (262)

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