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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kiknadze L. V., Mamaladze Yu. G., Cheishvili O. D. , State of Liquid Helium in the Vicinity of the λ Line 197  (305)
     Barkalov I. M., Gol'danskii V. I., Tal'roze V. L., Yampol'skii P. A. , Intensification of a Shock Wave by the Polymerization Energy and the Feasibility of a Polymerization Detonation 200  (309)
     Bychkov Yu. A., Dykhne A. M. , Electron Spectrum in a One-dimensional System with Randomly Arranged Scattering Centers 202  (313)
     Vanyukov M. P., Isaenko V. I., Lyubimov V. V., Serebryakov V. A., Shorokhov O. A. , Use of a Laser Operating in the Spike Mode to Obtain a High-temperature Plasma 205  (316)
     Alekseevskii N. E., Anishchenko V. N., Erzinkyan A. L., Parfenova V. P., Shpinel' V. S. , Effective Magnetic Field at the Co60 Nucleus in the CoPd Alloy 206  (318)
     Belyaev V. A., Brezhnev B. G., Erastov E. M. , Measurement of the Cross Sections of Ion-atom Collisions at Low Energies by the Method of Overtaking Beams 207  (321)
     Plotnikova M. V., Mitrofanov K. P., Shpinel' V. S. , Barium Stannate - a Source for the Measurement of the Mossbauer Effect on Sn119 209  (323)
     Akanaev B. A., Petselt Ya. , Parametric Interaction of Infrared Waves in a Medium in which Intense Molecular Oscillations are Excited 211  (327)
     Belov K. P., Kiryukhin V. P., Sokolov V. I. , Effect of Small Terbium Impurities on the Magnetostriction of Yttrium Iron Garnet 212  (329)
     Vainshtein A. I., loffe B. L. , Check on T-invariance in the π+→ e+ + ν + γ Decay 214  (333)
     Azimov M. A., Basova E. N., Gulyamov U. G., Igamberdiev K. R., Kolesnik V. G., Pantuev V. S., Sil'vestrov L. V., Khachaturyan M. N. , Differential Cross Section of Charge Exchange of 4.8-GeV/c π- Mesons with Protons 216  (336)
     Maksimenko V. M., Sisakyan I. N., Feinberg E. L., Chernavskii D. S. , The Cross Section of Quark Generation 219  (340)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.