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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Agranovich V. M., Dubovskii O. A. , Effect of Retarded Interaction on the Exciton Spectrum in One-dimensional and Two-dimensional Crystals 223  (345)
     Askerov B. M., Gashimzade F. M. , Contribution to the Quantum Theory of Electric Conductivity of Semiconductors with Non-standard Band 226  (350)
     Kornilov E. A., Fairiberg Ya. B., Bolotin L. I., Kovpik O. F. , Suppression of Low-frequency Oscillations in Two-stream Instability by Prior Modulation of the Electron Beam 229  (354)
     Bass F. G. , A New Resonance Connected with Mutual Dragging of Electrons and Phonons 231  (357)
     Blinov L. M., Vavilov V. S., Galkin G. N. , Photo-emf of p-n Junction in a Strongly Excited Semiconductor 234  (361)
     Goncharov I. N., Khukhareva I. S. , Anomalous Behavior of jc(H, T) of Heat-treated Nb - 75% Zr Alloys 236  (365)
     Tager A. S. , Concerning One possible Mechanism of Instability of an Electron Plasma in a Crystal 239  (369)
     Akhmanov S. A., Kovrigin A. I., Kolosov V. A., Piskarskas A. S., Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V. , Tunable Parametric Light Generator with KDP Crystal 241  (372)
     Krivokhizha S. V., Mash D. I., Morozov V. V., Starunov V. S., Fabelinskii I. L. , Induced Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering in Single-crystal Quartz at temperatures 2.1 - 300K 245  (378)
     Krizhanskii L. M., Rogozev B. I., Popov G. V. , On the Sign of the Change of the Charge Radius of the Sn119 Nucleus 248  (382)

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