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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Bonch-Bruevich A. M., Kostin N. N., Khodovoi V. A. , Resonant Birefringence in the Electric Field of a Light Wave 279  (425)
     Broude V. L., Rashba E. I., Sheka E. F. , Collective Effects in Vibron Spectra of Molecular Crystals 281  (429)
     Kikoin I. A., Lazarev S. D. , Oscillations of the Photomagnetic Effect with the Magnetic Field 285  (434)
     Konyukhov V. K., Prokhorov A. M. , Population Inversion in Adiabatic Expansion of a Gas Mixture 286  (436)
     Sakharov A. D. , Maximum Temperature of Thermal Radiation 288  (439)
     Basov N. G., Zakharov Yu. P., Nikitina T. F., Popov Yu. M., Strakhovskii G. M., Tatarenkov V. M., Khvoshchev A. N. , Gallium Arsenide Laser Operating at Room Temperature 289  (441)
     Semenenko E. E. , Minimum Electric Resistivity of an Antiferromagnetic Metal (Cr). 291  (443)
     Ch'iang Yu. N., Eremenko V. V. , Singularities of the Temperature Dependence of Electric Conductivity of Aluminum at Helium Temperatures 293  (447)
     Ivanchenko V. G., Ratner B. S. , Shell Effects in the Cross Section of the Reaction Zn67(γ p) 296  (452)
     Dzibuti R. I., Mamaskhlisov V. I., Macharadze T. S. , Excited States of the He4 Nucleus 298  (456)
     Ryzhanov S. G. , Possible Experimental Observation of the Helicity of the Neutrino 299  (457)
     Zakharov V. I., Kaidalov A. B. , Possibility of Determining the Relative Signs of the Amplitudes of Hadron Decays of Hyperons 300  (459)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.