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VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Ostrovskaya G. V., Ostrovskii Yu. I. , Holographic Investigation of a Laser Spark 83  (121)
     Raizer Yu. P. , Self-focusing of a Homogeneous Light Beam in a Transparent Medium, Due to Weak Absorption 85  (124)
     Mitsuk V. E., Savoskin V. I., Chernikov V. A. , Breakdown at Optical Frequencies in the Presence of Diffusion Losses 88  (129)
     Polyakova A. L. , Nonlinear Effects in a Hypersonic Wave 90  (132)
     Belyaev Yu. N., Leonas V. B. , Features of Scattering of Fast Beams of H, N, and O Atoms in Molecular Gases (N2, O2) 92  (134)
     Kulik I. O. , Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in the Resistive State of Superconductors of the Second Kind 95  (138)
     Pokrovskii V. L. , Distribution Function of Distances Between Energy Levels of an Electron in a One-dimensional Random Chain 96  (140)
     Askar'yan G. A. , Self-focusing and Focusing of Ultrasound and Hypersound 99  (144)
     Kornilov E. A., Fainberg Ya. B., Kovpik O. F. , Spatial and Temporal Correlations of Electric Fields in a Weakly Turbulent Plasma 101  (147)
     Dremin I. M., Zhdanov G. B., Tret'yakova M. I., Chernyavskii M. M. , New Method of Investigating the Mechanism of Nuclear Interactions 104  (152)
     Dzhibuti R. I., Mamasakhlisov V. I., Macharadze T. S. , Energy Spectra and Angular Distributions of Nucleons in Three-particle Photodisintegration of the He3 Nucleus 107  (156)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.