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VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Matyshev V I. , Markin A. S., Sychev A. A. , Kinetics of Free Generation Spectra of a Solid-state Laser in the Traveling-wave Regime with Mode Discrimination Excluded 1  (3)
     Kirin Yu. M. , Kovalev D. P., Rautian S. S., Sokolovskii R. I. , Radiative Perturbation of Potassium Terms in a Ruby- laser Radiation Field. 3  (7)
     Sraisyuk A. Z. , Rogul'skii V. V., Faizurov F. S. , Formation of Powerful Nanosecond Pulses with the Aid of Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering and Stimulated Raman Scattering 6  (10)
     Abakumov G. A. , Sifironov A. P., Fadeev V. V., Kharitonov L. A., Khokhlov R.V. , Ultraviolet Lasers Using Organic Scintillator Molecules 9  (15)
     Bogatko V. V., Guro G. N., Ivanchik I.I., Kovtyuk N. F. , Microwave-absorption Fluctuations at Phase Transitions in Barium Titanate 11  (19)
     Zhukov V.V., Morozov A. I., Shchepkin G. Ya. , Fusing of Ion Beams by a Plasma Lens 14  (24)
     Alekseevskii N.E., Ageev N. V., Mikhailov N. N., Shamrai V. F. , Superconductivity of Alloys of the System Nb3Al-Nb3Ge 16  (28)
     Mel'nikov A. I. , Concerning the Determination of the Mechanism of Electric Breakdown in Semiconductors. 19  (33)
     Osip'an Yu. A., Fedyaev Yu. I. , Donor Action of Dislocations in InSb 21  (37)
     Lushchikov V. I., Pokotilovskii Yu. N., Strelkov A. V., Shapiro F. L. , Observation of Ultracold Neutrons. 23  (40)
     Al'tshuler S. A., Aukhudeev F. L., Teplov M. A. , Nuclear Spin-lattice Relaxation in Thulium Ethylsulfate 26  (46)
     Vladimirov V. I. , Pyshkin S. L. , Ferdman N.A. , Carrier Dragging in a Solid Under the Influence of Laser Emission 28  (49)
     Sychev V. V. , Zenkevich V.B., Andrianov V. V., Baev V. P. , Influence of an Alternating Magnetic Field on Current Flowing Through a Superconductor of the Second Kind 31  (53)
     Kaplan A. E. , Bending of Trajectories of Asymmetrical Light Beams in Nonlinear Media 33  (58)
     Gulyaiev Yu. V. , Electroacoustic Surface Waves in Solids 37  (63)
     Gurgenishvili G. E., Nersesyan A.A., Kharadze G. A. , Relaxation of Paramagnetic- impurity Nuclei in Metals 39  (66)
     Zel'dovich B.Ya., Klyshko D.N. , Field Statistics in Parametric Luminescence 40  (69)
     Mednis P. M. , Magnetism of Conduction Electrons in the Presence of an Electric Field 43  (73)
     Belavin A. .A. , Verification of the Consequences of the Δ T =1/2 Rule in the K\to3\pi Decay 45  (76)
     Elesin V. F. , Photoconductivity of Semiconductors at Large Light Intensity 46  (79)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.