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VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Gol'din Yu. A., Dmitriev V. G., Tarasov V. K., Shkunov N. V. , Observation of Generation at the Sum Frequency in Electro-optic Nonlinear Crystals 297  (441)
     Afinogenov V. M., Migulin V. V., Trifonov V. I. , Singularities of the Faraday Effect in n-InSb in the Millimeter Band 299  (445)
     Kurnosov V. D., Magalyas V. I., Pleshkov A. A., Rivlin L. A., Trukhan V. G., Tsvetkov V. V. , Self Modulation of Emission from an Injection Semiconductor Laser 303  (449)
     Askar'yan G. A., Gol'ts E. Ya., Rabinovich M. S. , Use of Artificial Meteors for Laser Pumping 305  (453)
     Gorelik L. L., Nikolaevskii V. G., Sinitsyn V. V. , Transverse Heat Transfer in a Molecular-thermal Stream Produced in a Gas of Nonspherical Molecules in the Presence of a Magnetic Field 307  (456)
     Fridkin K., Gorelov I. M., Grekov A. A., Lyakhovitskaya V. A., Rodin A. I. , Phase-Boundary in Ferroelectric SbSI as the Analog of an Electric Domai in a Semiconductor 310  (461)
     Jungwirth ., Vaclavic J. , Quasilinear Transformation of Waves in an Inhomogeneous Plasma and Nonlinear Effects 312  (464)
     Alekseevskii N. E. , Use of Ruby to Obtain Infralow Temperatures by Adiabatic Demagnetization 315  (468)
     Ovsyakin V. V., Feofilof P. P. , Cooperative Sensitization of Luminescence in Crystals Activated with Rare Earth Ions 317  (471)
     Nikolaev Yu. N. , Concerning the Maximum Energy Yield of Injection Electroluminescence 319  (474)
     Letokhov V. S. , Stimulated Radio Emission of the interstellar Medium 321  (477)
     Berlovich . E. , Influence of the Mean Field on the Character of Variation of the Nuclear Shape 323  (481)
     Kaidalov A. B. , Factorization of Amplitudes and Pair Production of Resonances at High Energies 325  (484)
     Madzhumdar R., Dev Anand D. , K → 2π Decays in the Model with Icosuplet Weak Coupling Hamiltonian 328  (488)
     Goryachev B. I., Ishkhanov B. S., V. G. Shevchenko, Yur'ev B. A. , Cross Section of the Reaction Si38 330  (491)
     Lyubimov A. L. , Quark Model of Backward Scattering 331  (493)
     Rekalo M. P. , Consequences of the Quark Model for the Annihilation of a Proton-antiproton Pair into a Hyperon-antihyperon pair 334  (497)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.