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VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kurnosov V. V., Pleshkov A. A., Petrukhina G. S., Rivlin L. A., Trukhan V. G., Tsvetkov V. V. , Emission of a Short Single Pulse by an Injection Semiconductor Laser 63  (77)
     Gorazdovskii T. Ya. , Hard Radiation from Solids Failing in Shear 64  (78)
     Bugai A. A., Roitsin A. B. , EPR in Ruby in a Constant Electric Field Without a Magnetic Field 67  (82)
     Bareriblatt G. I., Vsevolodov N. N., Mirkin L. I., Pilipetskii N. F., Raizer Yu. P. , Destruction of Transparent Materials by Laser Radiation. Formation of Gas Bubbles and Wedging of the Material by Gas Pressure 69  (85)
     Grechishkin V. S, Ainbinder N. E. , Two-frequency Excitation of Quadrupole Spin Echo 72  (87)
     Slutskin A. A. , Conduction Electrons with Small Effective Masses 74  (90)
     Korenblit I. Ya. , "Hot" Optical Phonons in Polar Semiconductors 77  (93)
     Pisarev R. V., Sinii I. G., Smolenskii G. A. , Anomalous Dispersion of the Faraday Effect in Ferrimagnetic RbNiF3 79  (96)
     Perepelkin V. V. , Investigation of Kx-7 Direction Correlation in the Decay of Mn54 81  (99)
     Stepanov E. P., Aleksandrov A. Yu. , Change in the Mossbauer Spectrum of Te125m in the Semiconductor PbTe Following Irradiation in a Reactor 83  (101)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.