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VOLUME 5 (1967) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Basov N. G., Boiko V. A., Voinov Yu. P., Kononov E. Ya., Mandel'shtam S. L., Sklizov G. V., Production of Spectra of Multiply Charged Ions by Focusing Laser Radiation on a Solid Target 141  (177)
Drozhbin Yu. A., Zakharov Yu. P., Nikitin V. V., Semenov A. S., Yakovlev V. A., Generation of Ultrashort Light Pulses with a GaAs Semiconductor Laser 143  (180)
Sergeichev K. F., Gekker I. R., Containment of a Cylindrical Plasma Stream by a Strong Microwave Field 146  (183)
Zubov V. A., Peregudov G. V., Sushchinskii M. M., Chirkov V. A., Shuvalov I. K., Observation of Stimulated Raman Scattering of Light in Crystalline Powders 150  (188)
Fetisov V. N., Gorbunov A. N., Varfolomeev A. T., Effects of Nuclear and Coulomb Interaction of Nucleons in the Final State in the Case of Three Particle Photodisintegration of the He3 Nucleus 150  (189)
Fil'kov L. V., Relations between the Interaction Constants of σ, f, p, and ω Mesons 153  (192)
Khalatnikov I. M., Magnetic Universe with Matter 155  (195)
Akhiezer I. A., Raman Scattering of Ultrasound in Magnetically Ordered Crystals 160  (200)
Babichev N. B., Zhizhin E. D., Nikitin Yu. P., Concerning the Nature of the A1 Resonance 162  (202)
Kolomenskii A. A., The Linotron - A Short Linear Accelerator 164  (204)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.