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VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Basov N. G., Boiko V. A., Voinov Yu. P., Kononov E. Ya., Mandel'shtam S. L., Sklizov G. V. , Production of Spectra of Multiply Charged Ions by Focusing Laser Radiation on a Solid Target 141  (177)
     Drozhbin Yu. A., Zakharov Yu. P., Nikitin V. V., Semenov A. S., Yakovlev V. A. , Generation of Ultrashort Light Pulses with a GaAs Semiconductor Laser 143  (180)
     Sergeichev K. F., Gekker I. R. , Containment of a Cylindrical Plasma Stream by a Strong Microwave Field 146  (183)
     Zubov V. A., Peregudov G. V., Sushchinskii M. M., Chirkov V. A., Shuvalov I. K. , Observation of Stimulated Raman Scattering of Light in Crystalline Powders 150  (188)
     Fetisov V. N., Gorbunov A. N., Varfolomeev A. T. , Effects of Nuclear and Coulomb Interaction of Nucleons in the Final State in the Case of Three Particle Photodisintegration of the He3 Nucleus 150  (189)
     Fil'kov L. V. , Relations between the Interaction Constants of σ, f, p, and ω Mesons 153  (192)
     Khalatnikov I. M. , Magnetic Universe with Matter 155  (195)
     Akhiezer I. A. , Raman Scattering of Ultrasound in Magnetically Ordered Crystals 160  (200)
     Babichev N. B., Zhizhin E. D., Nikitin Yu. P. , Concerning the Nature of the A1 Resonance 162  (202)
     Kolomenskii A. A. , The Linotron - A Short Linear Accelerator 164  (204)

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