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VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kupriyanov S. E. , Ionization of Highly Excited Atoms and Ions of Noble Gases in an Electric Field and Near a Metallic Surface 197  (245)
     Denisov F. P., Duisebaev A., Cerenkov P. A. , Angular Distributions of Cu64 Recoil Nuclei in the Reaction Cu65(γ, n)Cu64 200  (249)
     Iferov G. A., Pokhil G. P., Tulinov A. F. , Increase in the Yield of Nuclear-reaction Products when a Single-crystal Target is Used 201  (250)
     Parfen'ev R. V., Farbshtein I. I., Shalyt S. S. , Complex Oscillation of the Photomagnetic Effect in n-InSb in a Strong Magnetic Field 203  (253)
     Oranovskii V. E., Golovei M. P. , Anti-Stokes Energy Transfer between Cu and Mn Centers in Electroluminescence of ZnS-Cu, Mn 206  (256)
     Askar'yan G. A., Rabinovich M. S., Savchenko M. M., Stepanov V. K., Studenov V. B. , Light-reaction Acceleration of Macroparticles of Matter 208  (258)
     Gurevich V. L. , Magnetic-impurity Resonance in Semiconductors 210  (260)
     Letokhov V. S. , Stimulated Emission of an Ensemble of Scattering Particles with Negative Absorption 212  (262)
     Glazunov V. K., Kitaeva V. F., Ostrovskaya L. Ya., Sobolev N. N. , Level Population in Pulsed Argon-ion Laser 215  (265)
     Kaganov M. I., Kadigrobov A. M., Lifshitz I. M., Slutskin A. A. , Role of Magnetic Breakdown in Galvanomagnetic Phenomena 218  (269)
     Geilikman B. T., Kresin V. Z. , Thermal Properties of Anomalous Superconductors 220  (271)
     Ginzburg V. L., Zharkov G. F. , Superfluidity of the Cosmological Neutrino "Sea" 223  (275)
     Belavin A. A., Kobzarev I. Yu. , The Possibility of Checking the Δ T = 1/2 Rule in Reactions of Single Production of Strange Particles 226  (277)
     Privorotskii I. A. , Theory of the Domain Wall in Metals under the Conditions of the de Haas - van Alphen Effect 228  (280)
     Azbel' M. Ya. , Periodic Magnetic Structures and Phase Transitions 230  (282)
     Khalatnikov I. M. , Sound in a Degenerate Solution of He3 in Superfluid Helium 235  (288)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.