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VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Korsunskii A. A., Fedin E. I. , Irreversibility of NMR Signal Passage through a Weak Field and the Spin-lattice Relaxation Mechanism in Molecular Crystals 239  (291)
     Bogomolov V. N., Mirlin D. N. , Infrared Absorption in Conducting Rutile Crystals 241  (293)
     Mineev V. N., Ivanov A. G., Novitskii E. Z., Tyunyaev Yu. N., Lisitsyn Yu. V. , Polarization of Silicon and Germanum under Impact Loading 244  (296)
     Kurt V. G., Syunyaev R. A. , Measurements of the Ultraviolet Radiation of the Metagalactic Gas, Made Outside the Atmosphere 246  (299)
     Vishnevskii V. F., Moroz V. I., Shakhbazyan B. A. , Search for Resonances in a System of Two Baryons with s = -1 and s = 0 252  (307)
     Eselevich V. G., Kurtmullaev R. Kh., Pil'skii V. I. , Influence of Dispersion Effects on the Structure of a Shock Wave in a Magnetized Plasma 255  (311)
     Leontovich A. M., Popova M. N., Schelev M. Ya. , Shape of Wave Front and Spatial Emission Coherence in a Ruby Laser Giant Pulse 257  (314)
     Starunov V. S., Tiganov E. V., Fabelinskii I. L. , Fine Structure in the Spectrum of the Thermal Rayleigh Line Wing in Liquids 260  (317)
     Naberezhnykh V. P., Tsymbal D. T. , Temperature Dependence of the Line Amplitude of the Size Effect in Cadmium 263  (319)
     Bakanova A. A., Dudoladov I. P. , Compression of Alkali-earth Metals by Strong Shock Waves 265  (322)
     Galkina T. I., Kurbatov V. A., Penin N. A. , Radiative Capture of Electrons by Neutral and Singly-charge Zinc Ions in Germanium 267  (325)
     Vainshtein L. A., Vinogradov A. V. , Ionization of Ar Atoms in the Ar+ Excited State 269  (328)
     Ostrovskii L. A. , Self-action of Light in Crystals 272  (331)
     Yankauskas Z. K. , Dependence of the Width of a Self-focusing Light Beam on the Power 275  (335)
     Anisovich V. V., Gershtein S. S., Folomeshkin V. N. , Is the Equality of the Electric and Magnetic Proton Form Factors Exact? 277  (336)
     Mikhailovskaya L. V. , Cyclotron Instability of Monoenergetic Ions in a Curvilinear Magnetic Field 279  (339)
     Volkov D. V. , Coalescence of Boson Regge Trajectories at t \leq 0 281  (341)
     Kaidalov A. B., Karnakov B. M. , Formation of Resonances in π+p Collisipns and Regge Poles 284  (344)
     Braginskii V. B., Gertsenshtein M. E. , Concerning the Effective Generation and Observation of Gravitational Waves 287  (348)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.