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VOLUME 5 (1967) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Zverev G. M., Mikhailova T. N., Pashkov V. A., Solov'eva V. M., Self-focusing of Laser Beams in Ruby and Leucosapphire Crystals 319  (391)
Kikoin I. K., Lazarev S. D., Oscillations of the Photomagnetic Effect in Indium Arsenide 321  (393)
Galkin A. A., Svistunov V. M., Observation of Josephson Generation in a Pb-I-Pb Tunnel Junction 323  (396)
Gulyaev A. I., Visual Observation of Second Sound by the Toepler Method 325  (399)
Prikhot'ko A. F., Ptukha T. P., Shanskii L. I., Splitting of Absorption Lines of Oxygen Crystals in a Magnetic Field 328  (402)
Ansel'm A. A., Dyatlov I. T., Two-particle Inelastic Reactions and Moving Branch Points in Angular-momentum Plane 330  (404)
Migdal A. A., Universal Interaction of Regge Particles with Vector and Scalar Currents 332  (407)
Berlovich E. E., Novikov Yu. N., Contribution of Unpaired Particle to the Deformation of the Nucleus 334  (410)
Gerasimov S. B., Cabibbo-Radicati Sum Rule and Photodisintegration of Three-nucleon Nuclei 337  (412)
Azbel' M. Ya., Dubovskii L. B., Nonlinear Quantum Pseudoresonance in Metals 338  (414)
Asanov R. A., Markov M. A., Self-energy of Particles in General Relativity Theory 341  (417)
Gulyaev Yu. V., Feasibility of Negative Differential Conductivity (NDC) Connected with Amplification of Sound in a Semiconductor in the Presence of Traps 342  (419)
Boiko I. I., Pinch Effect in Semiconductors with Intrinsic Conductivity 343  (421)
Kulik I. O., Quantum Size Effects in the Electric Conductivity of Thin Films 345  (423)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.