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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Bondarenko N. G., Eremina I. V., Talanov V. I. , Solid State Laser with Mode Selection Within an Active Element 1  (459)
     Afrosimov V. V., Gordeev Yu. S., Polyanskii A. M., Shergin A. P. , Correlation of Final Charge States of Particles in Discrete Energy Losses in Atomic Collisions 3  (461)
     Bogachev V. S., Berozashvili Yu. N., Vul B. M. , Observation of Electric "Domains" in High-resistance GaAs with the Aid of the Electrooptic Effect 5  (464)
     Ozhogin V. I., Shapiro V. G. , New Type of Antiferromagnetic Resonance in α-FÅ2O3 7  (467)
     Ponyatovskii E. G., Rabin'kin A. G. , Superconductivity of Ni-Sn Alloy under High Pressure 10  (471)
     Novikov L. N. , The Cotton-Mouton Effect in Optically Oriented Vapors of Alkali Metals 11  (473)
     Stolyarov V. A. , Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Protons in Some Paramagnetic Salts 13  (476)
     Eliseev P. G., Ismailov I., Mikhailina L. I. , Coherent Emission of InP Optically Excited by an Injection Laser 15  (479)
     Belyaev L. M., Groshik I. I., Lyakhovitskaya V. V., Nosov V. N., Fridkin V. M. , Photosensitive Phase Transition in the Ferroelectric Semiconductor SbSI 16  (481)
     Nagaev E. L. , Ground State and Anomalous Magnetic Moment of Conduction Electrons in an Antiferromagnetic Semiconductor 18  (484)
     Chaban A. A. , Self-focusing of Light in Solids via the Electrostriction Mechanism 20  (487)
     Klyshko D. N. , Coherent Photon Decay in a Nonlinear Medium 23  (490)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.