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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Klimenko I. S., Matinyan E. G., Rukman G. I. , Reconstruction, in White Light, of Interference-pattern Images Produced by Holograms Obtained by Double Exposure 57  (535)
     Komnik Yu. F., Bukhshtab E. I. , Observation of Quantum Oscillations of Conductivity in Thin Antimony Films 58  (536)
     Plyutto A. A., Belensov P. E., Korop E. D., Mkheidze G. P., Ryzhkov V. N., Suladze . V., Temchin S. M. , Acceleration of Ions in Electron Beams 61  (540)
     Sviridov A. G., Sobolev N. N., Tselikov G. G. , Plasma Gas Temperatures in the Discharges Used for CO2 Lasers 62  (542)
     Nomofilov A. A., Sitnik I. M., Slepets L. A., Strunov L. P., Zolin L. S. , Real Part of the Elastic π-p Scattering Amplitude in the Coulomb Interference Region at 3.W and 6.13 GeV/c 65  (546)
     Magalyas Y. I., Pleshkov A. A., Rivlin L. A., Semenov A. T., Tsvetkov V. V. , Modulation and Synchronization of Radiation of a Semiconductor Injection Laser 68  (550)
     Frankevich E. L., Rumyantsev B. M. , Anthracene Luminescence Quenching by a Magnetic Field 70  (553)
     Smagin A. G., Nikol'skaya V. I. , Quartz Resonator with Q Close to 120 \times 10^6 at Temperature 2° K 72  (556)
     Zhdanov G. B., Tret'yakova M. I., Chernyavskii M. M. , Diffraction Generation of Particles b Protons from Emulsion Nuclei in a Pulsed Magnetic Field 74  (558)
     Dalidchik F. I. , Interference Effects in Collisions of Complex Nuclei 76  (562)
     Smirnov B. M. , Gas Laser Using Multiply Charged Ions 78  (565)
     Dyubko S. F., Svich V. A., Valitov R. A. , Submillimeter CW Gas Laser 80  (567)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.