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VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Aleshkevich V.A., Arsen'ev V.V., Dneprovskii V.S., Klyshko D.N., Sysoev L.A. , Neodimium Laser with Regulated Pulse Duration 123  (209)
     Gritsyna V.V., Kiyan T.S., Koval' A.G., Fogel' Ya.M. , Emission Produced by Excited Helium Molecules when Solid Targets are Bombarded by Means of Fast Helium Ions 124  (212)
     Beterov I.M., Chebotaev P. , Three-level Gas Laser 127  (216)
     Zubov B.V., Kulevskii L.A., Makarov V.P., Murina T.M., Prokohrov A.M. , Two-photon Absorption in Germanium 130  (221)
     Golovei M.P., Kosourov G.I. , Simultaneous Generation of Two Waves of Double Frequency in a Nonlinear Crystal 132  (225)
     Borman V.D., Nikolaev B.I., Troyan V.I. , Anomalous Magnetic Senftleben Effect 134  (229)
     Brandt N.B., Svistova A.E., Kashirskii Yu.G. , Band interaction and Transition from the Metallic to the Semiconducting State in a Magnetic field. 136  (232)
     Gorobchenko D.V., Lukashevich I.I., Sklyarevskii V. V. , Filippov N.I. , Observation of Interference of Conversion and of the Photoeffect upon Absorption of 26-keV Gamma Quanta by Dy2O3 139  (237)
     Zalesskii A.V., Zheludev S., Voskanyan R.A. , Nature of the Amplification of the NMR Signal of the Fe57 in Hematite Crystals 142  (242)
     Gantmakher V.F.,Fal'kovskii L.A., Tsoi V.S. , Influence of Magnetic Surface Levels on the Impedance of Potassium 144  (246)
     Basov N.G., Gromov V.V., Koshelev E.L., Markin E.P., Oraevskii A.N. , Generation Spectrum of a Chemical Laser Using a Mixture of H2 and Cl2 147  (250)
     Azbel' M.Ya., Rakhmanov S.Ya. , Surface Effects in a Strong Magnetic Field 147  (252)
     Pokrovskii V.L., Khalatnikov I.M. , Sound Absorption in Superfluid He near the λ Point 149  (255)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.