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VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Velichkina T.S., Golubeva O.N., Shustin O.A., Yakovlev I. A. , Investigation of the Domain Structure of a KDP Crystal by Optical Methods 153  (261)
     Maksimov G. P., Smirnov V. P., Utyugov E. G. , Attenuation of a Magnetosonic Wave in a Turbulent Plasma 155  (265)
     Bobrovskii G. A. , Vinogradova N.D., Kuznetsov E.I., Razumova K. A. , Transport Coefficients of the Plasma in the Tokamak TM-3 Apparatus 158  (269)
     Vesnitskii A. I. , Ostrovskii L. A., Papko V. V., Shabanov V. N. , Pulsed Parametric Generation in Distributed systems 160  (274)
     Barkhudarov E.M., Kervalishvili N.A., Kortkhonzhiya V. P., Tsintsadze N. L., Tskhakaya D. O. , Suppression and Parametric Amplification of Ion Sound in a Plasma 163  (278)
     Lisitsyn I.M. , Shaping of Laser Pulses with the Aid of Two-photon Absorption in GaAs 165  (282)
     Abrikosova I. I., Bochkova O. M. , Breakdown of Liquid and Gaseous Helium by a Laser Beam, and Observation of Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering in Liquid Helium 167  (285)
     Voronel' A. V., Ovodova T. M. , Singularity of Specific Heat Cp at the Critical Point of Lamination of a Binary Solution 169  (290)
     Pisarev R. V. , Sinii I. G. , Smolenskii G. A. , Turning of Magnetic Sublattices and Anomalies of the Cotton-Mouton Effect in Terbium Iron Garnet and in Hematite 172  (294)
     Vasil'ev B.V. , Concerning the Gravitational Moment of the Proton 175  (299)
     Edel'man V. S. , Cyclotron Waves in Bismuth 177  (302)
     Antonov A.V., Vul' D.E. , Kazarnovskii M.V. , Possible Method of Obtaining Ultracold Neutrons by Reflection from Moving Mirrors 180  (307)
     Rozental I. L., Shukalov I. B. , Concerning the Nature of the Cosmic Isotropic X-Radiation 183  (312)
     Shvartsman V. F. , Density of Relict Particles with Zero Rest Mass in the Universe 184  (315)
     Nguyen Ngok Thuan , Behavior of the Diffraction Peak for Particles with Arbitrary Spins 187  (318)
     Chkareuli Dzh. L. , Transversality of Fields of Vector and Axial-vector Mesons and Helicity Symmetries 189  (321)
     Bunatyan G. G. , Dobretsov Yu. P., Dolgoshein B. A., Zhizhin E. D., Kirillov-Ugryumov V. G., Nikitin Yu. P. , Possibility of Detecting the W Boson by Means of the Polarization of the Muons from the W→ μ +ν Decay. 192  (325)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.