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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Asatiani . L., Gazaryan K. A., Ivanov V. A., Zhmyrov V. N., Nazaryan A. A. , Ionization Measurement in a Streamer Chamber 83  (571)
     Akhmanov S. A., Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V., Chunaev O. N. , Quantum Noise in Parametric Light Amplifiers 85  (575)
     Atsarkin, Morshnev S. K. , Confirmation of Existence of Spin-spin Interaction Temperature in EPR 88  (578)
     Kovdrya Yu. Z., Esel'son B. N. , Influence of He on the Mobility of Positive Ions in Liquid Helium 90  (581)
     Alekseevskii N. E., Mikhailov N. N. , Concerning the Superconductivity of V3In 92  (584)
     Belov K. P., Sokolov V. I. , Anomalies of the Magnetostriction of Samarium and Thulium Iron Garnets at Low Temperatures 93  (586)
     Al'tshuler S. A., Zavoiskii E. K. , Infrared Laser with .Magnetic Pumping 95  (589)
     Stishov S. M. , Relation Between the Volume Jump During Melting and the Volume of a Solid at the Melting Point 97  (592)
     Polyakova A. L. , Threshold of Excitation of Transverse Elastic Waves by a Laser Beam 99  (595)
     Letokhov V. S. , Self-stabilization of Laser Optic-oscillation Frequency by Nonlinear Absorption in Gas 101  (597)
     Achasov N. N., Belinicher V. I., Samkov L. M. , ρ-Mesoh Production in π N Collision and the Hypothesis of the Connection Between the ρ Meson and a Conserved Current 103  (600)
     Zaslavskii A. N., Ogievetskii V. I., Tybor V. , Ninth Pseudoscalar Meson in Broken SUW(6) Symmetry 106  (604)
     Khalfin L. A. , Real Part of Scattering Amplitude at High Energies and Dispersion Sum Rules 107  (606)
     Kalashnikov N. P., Ryazanov M. I. , Bremsstrahlung Spectrum of a Fast Electron in a Single Crystal 110  (609)
     Kompaneets A. S., Kruzhkova L. A. , :Quantum Electrodynamics with Two Fermions. II 111  (611)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.