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VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Voronel' A. V. , Gorbunova V.G., Shmakov N.G. , Features of Specific Heat Cv at the Critical Point of an Aseotropic Mixture 195  (333)
     Nam R.A., Nikol'skii S.I., Pavlichenko V. P. , Sokolovskii V.I., Yakovlev V.I. , Dependence of the Energy of an Electron-proton Cascade, Produced by Collision of a Nuclear-active Cosmic-ray Particle with a Lead Nucleus, on the Energy of the Interacting Particle 198  (338)
     Batovskii O.M., Vasil'ev G. K. , Makarov E.F., Tal'roze V.L. , Chemical Laser Operating on Branched Chain Reaction of Fluorine with Hydrogen 200  (341)
     Babashev S.V., Matveev V.B., Ankudinov V.A. , Threshold Behavior of the Cross Section for the Excitation of Cs II Resonance Lines in the Process Cs+ + He. 201  (344)
     Drabkin G. M., Okorokov A. I.,Zabidarov E.I., Kasman Ya.A. , Spin Waves Near the Curie Point 204  (347)
     Belozerskii G.N.,. Gittsovich V.N., Murin A.N. , Mossbauer Effect in Indium-gallium Iron Garnet 207  (352)
     Ivanov A.A., Kazakov Yu.B., Luk'yanchuk A.N., Rusanov V. D., Teikhman I. , Stabilization of Potential Oscillations of a Plasma in a Q-machine by Means of a High-frequency Magnetic Field 210  (356)
     Kirzhnits D.A. , Superconductivity in Systems with Arbitrary Interaction Siqn 213  (360)
     Letokhov V.S., Chebotaev V.B. , Optical Frequency Standard with Nonlinear Absorbing Gas Cell 215  (364)
     Pashitskii E.A., Tomchuk P.M. , Superconductivity in Quantizing Superconducting Films with a Granulated Metallic Coating 218  (367)
     Zyryanov P.S., Okulov V.I., Silin V.P. , Quantum Electronic Spin Acoustic Waves 220  (371)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.