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VOLUME 9 (1969) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Voronel' A. V. , Gorbunova V.G., Shmakov N.G., Features of Specific Heat Cv at the Critical Point of an Aseotropic Mixture 195  (333)
Nam R.A., Nikol'skii S.I., Pavlichenko V. P. , Sokolovskii V.I., Yakovlev V.I., Dependence of the Energy of an Electron-proton Cascade, Produced by Collision of a Nuclear-active Cosmic-ray Particle with a Lead Nucleus, on the Energy of the Interacting Particle 198  (338)
Batovskii O.M., Vasil'ev G. K. , Makarov E.F., Tal'roze V.L., Chemical Laser Operating on Branched Chain Reaction of Fluorine with Hydrogen 200  (341)
Babashev S.V., Matveev V.B., Ankudinov V.A., Threshold Behavior of the Cross Section for the Excitation of Cs II Resonance Lines in the Process Cs+ + He. 201  (344)
Drabkin G. M., Okorokov A. I.,Zabidarov E.I., Kasman Ya.A., Spin Waves Near the Curie Point 204  (347)
Belozerskii G.N.,. Gittsovich V.N., Murin A.N., Mossbauer Effect in Indium-gallium Iron Garnet 207  (352)
Ivanov A.A., Kazakov Yu.B., Luk'yanchuk A.N., Rusanov V. D., Teikhman I., Stabilization of Potential Oscillations of a Plasma in a Q-machine by Means of a High-frequency Magnetic Field 210  (356)
Kirzhnits D.A., Superconductivity in Systems with Arbitrary Interaction Siqn 213  (360)
Letokhov V.S., Chebotaev V.B. , Optical Frequency Standard with Nonlinear Absorbing Gas Cell 215  (364)
Pashitskii E.A., Tomchuk P.M., Superconductivity in Quantizing Superconducting Films with a Granulated Metallic Coating 218  (367)
Zyryanov P.S., Okulov V.I., Silin V.P., Quantum Electronic Spin Acoustic Waves 220  (371)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.