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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Schoenball R. , Speed of Sound in Liquid Neon Near the Boiling Line 199  (719)
     Belan V. R., Grigor'yants V. V., Zhabotinskii M. E. , Use of Laser to Measure the Cross Section of Stimulated Emission of Matter 200  (721)
     Brandt N. B., Svistova E. A., Valeev R. G. , Observation of Transformation of a Semiconductor into a Metal in a Magnetic Field 203  (724)
     Yanson I. K. , Influence of Magnetic Field on the Threshold Absorption of Josephsbn Radiation in Sn-Pb Tunnel Junctions 206  (729)
     Zaitsev Yu. N., Stepanov D. P. , Gas Laser Frequency Fluctuations 209  (733)
     Boiko V. V., Gasparov V. A., Gverdtsiteli I. G. , Radiofrequency Size Effect in Molybdenum 212  (737)
     Esel'son B. N., Grigor'ev V. N., Mal'khanov V. P., Tolkacheva O. A. , Effect of Rotation on the Density of He II 214  (741)
     Chekin V. V., Vinnikov A. P., Afanas'ev V. I. , Interaction of Impurity Tin in Transition-metal Matrices 216  (743)
     Kuznetsov M. E., Shalyt S. S. , Phonon Dragging in Bismuth 217  (745)
     Itskevich E. S., Fisher L. M. , Vanishing of the Shubnikov - de Haas Effect in a Bismuth-Antimony Alloy under Pressure 219  (748)
     Churilov G. E., Dmitriev V. M., Mende F. F., Khristenko E. V., Dmitrenko I. M. , Nonlinear Effects in Thin Superconducting Tin Films at Microwave Frequencies 222  (752)
     Dolgoshein B. A., Lebedenko V. N., Rodionov B. U. , Luminescence Induced by Alpha Particles in Liquid Xenon in an Electric Field 224  (755)
     Verkin B. I., Kuz'micheva L. B., Sverchkarev I. V. , Magnetic Properties of Metals: Solid Solutions of Antimony in Bismuth 225  (757)
     Peskovatskii S. A., Eru I. I., BarilovichO. I. , Nonlinear Properties of a Superconducting Lead Film at Microwave Frequencies 227  (759)
     Nabutovskii V. N. , Galvanomagnetic Characteristics under Conditions of the Nonlinear de Haas - van Alphen Effect 229  (762)
     Ginzburg S. L. , Scattering of Conduction Electrons by an Impurity with Spin 231  (766)
     Mints R. G. , Quantum Oscillations of Resistance and the de Haas - van Alphen Effect 234  (769)
     Zel'dovich Ya. B., Novikov I. D. , Physical Limitations on the Topology of the Universe 236  (772)
     Kirzhnits D. A. , Upper Limit of Elementary Length 238  (774)
     Dubovoi E. I. , Amplitude Singularities in Two-particle Nuclear Reactions 240  (777)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.