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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Belov V. F., Zheludev I. Z. , Investigation of the Mossbauer Effect in a Solid Solution of Barium Stannate in Barium Titanate 287  (843)
     Lyagushchenko R. I., Nasledov D. N., Popov Yu. G., Yassievich I. N. , Photomagnetic Effect in n-InSb in the Case of Electron Heating 288  (845)
     Basov N. G., Boiko V. A., Voinov Yu. P., Kononov E. Ya., Mandel'shtam S. L., Sklizkov G. V. , Spectra of Calcium Ions Ca XV and Ca XVI Obtained by Focusing Laser Emission on a Target 291  (849)
     Garber R. I., Fedorenko A. I. , Channeling of Alpha Particles in Beryllium Oxide 293  (851)
     Vosilius I. I., Levinson I. B. , Loss of Dissipative Effects in Inelastic Scattering in Many-valley Semiconductors 295  (854)
     Bydin Yu. F. , Energies of the Electrons Detached from the Negative Ions I-, Br-, and Cl- in Collisions with Inert-gas Atoms 297  (857)
     Demirkhanov R. A., Khorasanov G. L., Sidorova I. K. , Thermal Cesium Plasma In a Strong High-frequency Electric Field 300  (861)
     Alekseevskii N. E., Vedeneev S. I. , Dependence of the Transparency of Aluminum Films on the Thickness 302  (865)
     Distler G. I., Konstantinova V. P., Gerasimov Yu. M., Tolmacheva G. A. , Defect Structure of Triglycine Sulfate Crystals in the Ferroelectric and Paraelectric States 304  (868)
     Petrov M. P., Kizhaev S. A., Smolenskii G. A. , Effect of External Electric Field on the Electron Resonance Spectrum in a Magnetically Ordered Piezoelectric Crystal 306  (870)
     Polievktov-Nikoladze N. M. , Nature of Gravitational Field 308  (874)
     Zhukovskii V. Zh., Sokolov A. A. , Interband Transitions in Semiconductors in a Magnetic Field Under the Influence of a Strong Electromagnetic Wave 311  (876)
     Ivanchenko Yu. M. , Influence of Quantum Fluctuations on the Width of the Band of Radiated Frequencies in a Superconducting Tunnel Structure 313  (879)
     Kaganov M. I., Finkel' V. A. , Concerning the Anomalies of the Electronic Properties of Rare-earth Metals 315  (881)
     Zel'dovich Ya. B. , Cosmological Constant and Elementary Particles 316  (883)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.