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VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Lisitsyn V. N., Chebotaev V. P. , Hysteresis and "Hard" Excitation in a Gas Laser 1  (3)
     D'yakonov A. M., Ilisavskii Yu. V. , Influence of External Electric Field on the Speed of Sound in CdS 3  (6)
     Bichurin M. I., Volkov P. Ya., Kovalenko E. S., Sen'kiv V. A. , Influenc of the Electric Field on the Paramagnetic Resonance Ions in the S State 6  (9)
     Yushko K. ., Krishkevich G. V., Kormer S. B. , Change in the Refractive Index of a Liquid Compressed by a Shock Wave Anomalous Optical Properties of Carbon Tetrachloride 7  (12)
     Kostryukov M. O., Zarubina O. A. , Specific Heat of Anhydrous Nickel Chloride at Low Temperatures 10  (16)
     Bobovich Ya. S., Bortkevich A. V. , Fermi Resonance in the SRS Spectrum of Crystalline n-Nitroaniline 13  (20)
     Vatamanyu V.I., Kulyupin Yu. A., Sarbei O. G. , Electric Conductivity of Thin i Films in Strong Electfiu Fields 15  (23)
     Smolyakov B. P., Meil'man L. M., Klyuev V. P., Shpil'ko I. A., Kopvillem U. Kh. , Acoustic Magnetic Resonance of Cr3+ in LiNbO3 17  (26)
     Feinberg E. L. , Radiation of an Atom (Molecule) in an Absorbing Medium 20  (30)
     Iosilevskii Ya. A. , Singularities of the Phonon Spectrum of Crystals with Extended Defects 22  (32)
     Letokhov V. S. , Formation of Ultrasound Pulses of Coherent Light 25  (35)
     Ryzhii V. I. , Concerning 0ne Possible Mechanism of Negative Conductivi'ty of Thin Films in a Transverse Quantizing Magnetic Field 28  (38)
     Gerasimov S. B. , Asymptotic SU(3) Symmetry, Cabibbo Angles, and Sum Rules for the Constants of Coupling Between Pseudoscalar Mesons and Baryons 30  (41)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.