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VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Anaskin I. F., Kuminov E. S., Stoyanova I. G. , Interference of Electrons on the Edge of a thin Charged Film 61  (81)
     Krivoshchekov G. V., Kruglov S. V., Marennikov S. I., Polivanov Yu. N. , Variation of the Emission Wavelength of a Parametric Light Generator by Means of an External Electric Field 63  (84)
     Ambartsumyan R. V., Basov N. G., Letokhov V. S. , Investigation of the frequency Characteristics of an Xe-He Laser with a Diffuse Mirror 66  (88)
     Dzhinchvelashvili B. G., Tsakadze Dzh. S. , Shift of λ Point of Liquid Helium in a Rotating Annular Gap 68  (91)
     Galkin G. N., Blinov L. M., Vavilov V. S., Golovashkin A. G. , Plasma Resonance on nonequilibrium carriers in Semiconductors 69  (93)
     Ginzburg S. L. , Interaction of Electrons with Paramagnetic Impurities in Superconductors 72  (96)
     Anisovich V. V., Levin E. M., Likhoded A. K. , Triangular Diagram in the Decay Y0(1520) → Λππ and the Determination of the Pion Scattering Length 74  (99)
     Demkov Yu. N. , Elementary Solutions of the Quantum Problem of the Motion of a Particle in the Field of Two Coulomb Centers 76  (101)
     Malkin I. A., Man'ko V. I. , Symmetry of Relativistic Problems 79  (105)
     Lipmanov E. M. , Unitary Structure of the Parity- and Strangeness-changing Nonleptonic Weak Interaction 81  (108)
     Lifshitz T. M., Likhtman N. P., Sidorov V. I. , Photoelectric Spectroscopy of Impurities in-Semiconductors 84  (111)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.