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VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Chapkin V. A. , Electric Instability in Cadmium Telluride 145  (189)
     Ivanov A. G., Mineev V. N., Novitskii E. Z., Lisitsyn Yu. V., Tyunyaev Yu. N. , Diffusion of Charged Carriers Through the Front of a Shock Wave in Bismuth 147  (191)
     Klimovskaya A. I., Snitko O. V. , Absorption of Energy of Hot Electrons by Semiconductor Surface 149  (194)
     Brandt N. B., Berman I. V. , Plots of Critical Fields of the Superconducting Modification Sn II at Pressures up to 270 kbar and Temperatures (0.1 - 4.2)° K 152  (198)
     Bykovskii V. I., Elesin V. F., Kadushkin V. I., Lazarev S. D., Protasov E. A., Shekel' skii G. A. , Photomagnetic Effect on Hot Photoelectrons in Quantizing Magnetic Fields 155  (202)
     Isaev A. A., Petrash G. G. , Pulsed Superradiance at the Green Line of Thallium in Til Vapor 156  (204)
     Aleshko-Ozhevskii O. P., Sizov R. A., Cheparin V. P., Yazmin I. I. , Helicoidal Antiphase Spin Ordering in Hexagonal Ferrites with Magnetoplumbite Structure 158  (207)
     Goryachev B. I., Ishkhanov V. S., Kapitonov I. M., Shevchenko V. G. , Structure of the Cross Section of the Pb208(γ, Tn) Reaction 161  (210)
     Zemtsov Yu. K., Slomkovskii, Starosta V. , Concerning One Mechanism of Ion-level Relaxation in a Plasma 162  (212)
     Kurt V. G., Syunyaev R. A. , Estimate of the Energy Density of Subcosmic Rays from Measurement of the Ultraviolet Background 164  (215)

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