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VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Veduta A. P., Kirsanov B. P. , Large-angle Scattering of Ruby Laser Emission 169  (221)
     Morozov A. I., Kislov A. Ya., Zubkov I. P. , Strong-current Plasma Accelerator with Closed Electron Drift 172  (224)
     Kuzhevskii B. M. , The Pomeranchuk Effect and Maximum Energy of Cosmic Electrons 174  (227)
     Elesin V. F. , On the Possibility of Negative Conductivity with Nonequilibrium Electrons in a Quantizing Magnetic Field 176  (229)
     Ispiryan K. A., Matinyan S. G. , Concerning the Transformation of Photon Pairs into Hadrons at High Energies 178  (232)
     Pistunovich V. I., Ryutov D. D. , Ion-cyclotron Instability in a Plasmoid 180  (234)
     Akhmanov S. A., Kovrigin A. I., Sukhorukov A. P., Khokhlov R. V., Chirkin A. S. , Nonstationary Nonlinear Optical Effects and Formation of Ultrashort Light Pulses 182  (237)
     Silin B. P. , Dissipative-parametric Buildup of Oscillations with Anomalous Dispersion in a Plasma Situated in a High-Frequency Field 187  (242)
     Gudzenko L. I., Shelepin L. A. , Amplification of Short-wave Radiation in a Plasma of Multiply Charged Ions 190  (246)
     Pokatilov E. M. , Influence of the Relative Displacement of the Minima of the Valleys in a Magnetic Field on Oscillatory Effects 192  (248)
     Kukushkin L. S. , State of the Condenson Type in a Strong Magnetic Field 194  (251)
     Anisimov S. I., Mel'nikov V. I., Rashba E. I. , Concerning One Model in the Theory of the Gunn Effect 196  (253)

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